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Tonight your in for a real treat, Larrys out and the directors are taking over.

Hi, I am Ivy the Program Director at camp. I live here at camp full time with my husband Brett. This is my sixth summer on the mountain and each day I learn something new at camp. Today the girls jumped right into their activities, since yesterday was full over going over the rules. As I walked around camp I saw many girls going off the v-swing in ropes, swinging from the trapeze in circus and lots of splashes in the river. I love visiting arts and crafts and today the girls were working on sand art and making coasters, I am sure you’ve seen we have a lot of talented little girls here this session. After a full day of sunshine tonight we slowed things down a bit with Talent Night, tonight’s talent was full of singing, dancing and even some stand up comedy.

Hey there, family and friends! This is Sarah Kate, the Chaplain, and I am excited to be with y’all this evening. I am having a little bit of deja vu because, many moons ago, I was once Larry’s sidekick working as the camp photographer and occasionally making appearances on the blog. These days, I focus on the development of the Christian emphasis here and enjoy the opportunity the Lord has given me to glorify and share about Him each year. Our counselors have been so intentional in sharing about the Lord through our summer theme, “Follow”! The directors and I have been planning this theme out since October and I have loved watching the counselors, each morning and night, highlight their experiences as they follow Christ. They relate their lessons to an adventure or hike which fits so well in the camp bubble. Yesterday, the counselors shared how the Bible is like a map that we use to know which direction to go in any given situation. Today, counselors shared how Jesus Christ is a flashlight to our path. Definitely things we want to make sure we pack for a hiking adventure! Make sure to ask your campers about all the wonderful things they learned from their counselors about “Follow”. The Lord moves on this mountain in a special way and is working in all their little hearts. Thank you for letting them enjoy Him with us!

Hi everyone! It’s me, Savannah! I serve as an assistant director here at Camp Skyline. I have a very special opportunity this summer as we just kicked off our first year of lodge bible study. This bible study is for young girls between the ages of 10-12. This summer we are reading Esther and learning about the bravery she showed as she stood up for what is right in Jesus’s name. I have a fun job because I get to watch them grow with the Lord while learning His word and I get to see them put it into action. I see brave acts everyday when girls jump off of the platform onto the blob, step off of the V-swing, and especially tonight as they bravely performed their talents for us all (AND THEY KILLED IT)! I love being on this mountain surrounded by an environment full of “YES YOU CAN’s” which usually come from our incredible counselors who pour into your daughters continuously, day after day. Thank you for sharing your kids with us for a little while this summer we truly do not want them to leave, good night!

Hey y’all, Gene here! I just joined the Skyline admin staff this summer and I’m pumped to be here. I’ve worked the past six summers as a counselor and I’m so excited to make the transition to full time! While my technical title is Assistant Director I’ve also taken on the role as Critter Caretaker and today we had a very special guest. A mother turtle chose a little section along our bank on the Little River to lay her eggs! Campers were lined up on our walking bridge and the bank cheering her on, as she laid three eggs. We can’t wait to meet our three new turtle campers later this fall and feel so lucky that she chose Skyline for her babies! Camp is such a special place, full of these unique opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else. We are so grateful to get to share these moments with your daughters and can’t wait to see what the rest of the session holds!

Hey Everyone! It’s Laci, the night time director here! You could say I have a pretty cool job as I get to be right in the middle of every club competition & camp wide event here at camp. Let me tell you, it has been another exciting night here on the mountain as tonight we got to see all the wonderful camper talent in the camp Talent Show! These gals showed up & showed out tonight with everything from singing & dancing, to playing the ukulele, to stand up comedy. I’m not sure how the judges were able to ever come to a decision but finally they made up their minds…

Groups 2, 3, & 4 3rd Place- Ava Morris 2nd Place- Adele Palmer 1st Place- Anna Waddell

Groups 5 & 6 3rd Place- Josie & Grace Weeks 2nd Place- Nancy Lee Sanders 1st Place- Caroline Bates

Overall Winners Groups 2, 3 & 4- Lily Kate Sobera Group 5 & 6- Jane Hancock

Congratulations to all of our winners & everyone who participated in the talent show because lets face it, it takes a lot to get up & perform in front of your friends!

We are gearing up for a camp favorite tomorrow night, Get Skyline Back! Larry will be back to fill you in on all the action. See you then & y’all have a great night!