A question we often get asked by campers is, “What happens to the animals when we’re not here?” Well, let me assure you they are living their best lives.

A little known fact about our German short-haired pointer, Piper, camp is just her day job! She actually lives with our maintenance man, Mr. Adam. We pay Piper with dog treats and belly rubs (when she’ll stay still). And she even has her own dutiful intern, Bitsy!

Our newest camp dog, Bitsy, is a miniature golden retriever. You can find her following Piper around like it’s her job or over at Green House where she has taken up residence. She is currently not very happy with us since she received a bath yesterday. Bitsy just can’t understand why playing in Little River doesn’t count as a bath (a question that our mini campers ask, too)!

The kittens, Simba, Chip, and Wolfie, are no longer kittens, but actually cat teenagers! They angstily run around camp and scare off our chipmunk friends (we’re hoping it’s just a phase). They are treat fiends, especially Wolfie. Simba is extroverted and runs the pack. Chip on the other hand is a little more elusive so whenever he makes an appearance it’s like a celebrity sighting. We’re just grateful they all get along!

Our OG camp animals, Oscee and Sky Kitty, are doing swell! Oscee, our black lab, is the definition of a foodie. When it’s the school year Oscee hangs out near the Front Office where she’s close enough to holler at our secretary, Rebekah, for treats galore! Sky Kitty also likes to curl up on the porch of the Front Office. Just today she was fast asleep on a rocking chair looking like the picture of serenity. Sky Kitty keeps the other cats in line and sometimes the dogs, too!

The school year is a great time for the animals to rest after a playful summer, but I sometimes catch them staring off wistfully at the cabins wondering where all their camp friends went! They can’t wait for the summer and neither can we, only 242 days!