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Hey Camp Family!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful start to the school year. It amazes me how fast each year goes by, not to mention how fast the summer goes! The older I get, the faster they go. Some of you know exactly what I mean!

Summer 2019 was wonderful. We had many girls return for another summer and had over 200 add to our camp family. We represented 21 states and 2 countries. The farthest campers live approximately 8500 miles away! Our most popular day activity was ropes and our most popular night activity was, of course, sock war. Needless to say, camp is a fun place to meet new friends from all over and throw a few socks together.

As all of you know, each session celebrates a different theme. First session celebrates Color Wars, second session 4th of July (even if the actual holiday doesn’t fall in this session we still celebrate it), third is Christmas in July and fourth is the VMA’s or Video Music Awards. Everyone had a blast celebrating these fun times at Camp Skyline.

I’ve talked about the fun we have at camp but what about the learning that happens? Obviously school is the main education for our children, but I believe a lot of people miss out on the education camp brings to the table. Our social education is vital to living in the world today and camp excels in educating campers socially. Our campers are taught how to communicate with one another and how to work through their differences, all of this is done without social media! These days social media is the main way our children communicate so it is priceless to be at camp without it. It enables our campers to see that words can heal and words can hurt. Again, I believe this is a priceless education our campers receive while in an encouraging environment surrounded by friends and counselors.

This is just one of the many things I love about Camp Skyline. I hope you all have seen this aspect of camp in your homes as well.

In Him,