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Another amazing summer in the books, with another great summer theme! I’m Saralee Amason and I just joined the Skyline staff as a full-time employee serving as an Assistant Director and the Chaplain. I recently graduated from The University of Georgia this past May (Go Dawgs). My predecessor, the incredible Sarah Kate McLaughlin, created and organized this past summer’s theme, In Good Company, while I was finishing school.

This theme was truly inspiring! We had the chance to talk about 10 different women throughout the Bible. We used these women to teach ourselves and the girls the victories we receive by following Jesus. I love how God uses us in specific ways to exemplify His name. How cool is it that women are used in powerful moments throughout history and are even listed in the lineage of Jesus?! #GetItGirls

I had the privilege to teach the younger Bible study class this summer. One of my favorite women that we learned about is the Women at the Well, or the Samaritan Woman, found in Luke Chapter 4. I loved talking about her because it was a great opportunity to clearly share the Gospel with the campers. What a beautiful story of God’s unconditional love for us and a great example that He comes and meets us where we’re at. Romans 5:8 But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Even at our lowest points, even in the midst of all our sinfulness and selfishness, He says that we are worth loving. God wants to give us the gift of a personal relationship and eternal life with Him.

I like to use an example to help explain this story to the campers. If I give them a present of a brand new water bottle, it’s not their’s until they decide to take it out of my hands. They have to make the choice to receive and claim the gift as their own. I expect nothing in return, but choose to give this free gift because I love them. I want to take care of them by providing a way for them to quench their thirst and stay hydrated. That’s what Jesus did for the Samaritan Women and that’s what He does does for us. He gives us this free gift because He loves us and knows that we will be better because of the gift. This story humbles me because it reminds me that there is nothing about myself that qualifies for this gift, but instead everything about me that screams “I need this gift!”

Thank you Jesus for loving and choosing us even despite of who we are. Thank you for your word and the people that you use to teach and show us the one true way.