Hey There Skyline! Laci here reporting to you from “way on top of Lookout Mountain.”

Do you ever hear a certain song and it instantly takes you back to a particular time and place? Me too! Lately I have been enjoying listening to the Skyline Spotify playlist and reminiscing on those beautiful Mentone summer days!

Here at Camp Skyline we love to get down and dance to good music. I know, girls and dancing? Never! You can find girls dancing in activities, at our impromptu gym dance parties, and at Dance Night with our brother camp, Camp Laney. We even have special guest musicians perform throughout the summer! The summer fun may be over, but our camp playlist keeps us in that summer state of mind all year long.

Check out this list of Skyline Songs of the Summer and give them a listen!

“If I Can’t Have You”-Shawn Mendes

This song was always on repeat this summer. It’s a great song for dancing (or jumping around and fist bumping in a circle)!

“Old Town Road”- Kidz Bop Version

This song made an appearance more times than I can count: talent shows, dances, dance parties. You name it we played it!

“What a Friend”-Matt Maher

One of our wonderful Sunday speakers, Aja, introduced us to a Zumba dance with this song and it was a huge hit. Thanks, Aja!

“Cotton Eyed Joe”- Rednex

One of our most popular line dances! We do this at the dance and whenever we have extra time for a dance party.

“Church Clap”-KB & Lecrae

Another popular line dance we do on the regular.

“Blessings on Blessings (B.O.B Bounce)”-Anthony Brown & Group Therapy

This is a new fun line dance introduced to us this summer by our counselors. It was a hit with everyone!

“I Got That”-Anthony Brown & Group Therapy

We first heard this song when counselors performed it at our Talent Show. It was also used in a very creative music video 4th session at our Video Music Awards. Another perfect pump-up song that makes you want to dance!

“The Boys are Back”-High School Musical

We play this song in the dining hall the night of Get Skyline Back, a very popular night time activity! The girls have to “Get Skyline Back” from the Laney boys (counselors dressed up as Camp Laney boys).

“Friends”-Michael W. Smith

This song gives me all the feels because we play it on the very last night of camp each session, Banquet Night. Everyone is sad the session is over so there are lots of hugs and tears shed, but oh the sweet friendships made!

“You Say”- Lauren Daigle

A moving song about how Jesus loves and values us. We had talented campers perform a beautiful dance set to this song for us at church!

“Super‐cali‐fragil‐istic‐expi‐ali‐docious”-Mary Poppins

Musical theatre performed “Mary Poppins” for us this summer at the Cabaret. So, of course, we can’t leave out one of our favorite Mary Poppins songs from the playlist!

“Never Leave or Forsake Us”-Drakeford, DJ & Marv

Last, but certainly not least, our favorite musicians from Tennessee! We have been lucky enough to have Drakeford and DJ & Marv come perform for us on Sunday for the past few years. They always put on a great performance and we love worshipping with them! It was hard to pick just one song because they are all great, but this one is a fan fave! You can check out more of their music on Youtube and Spotify.

I hope this list gives you all the “summer vibes” as we finally transition into cooler weather. Now if you will excuse me, it’s time to start a Skyline dance party in the office..until next time!