Gene here! Myself and the rest of the Skyline gang (Sally, Larry, Ivy, Laci, Saralee and even Birthday Boy Pickle) are fresh off the plane back from The Lone Star State. We had an absolute blast attending our second Fall Tour of Camps in the Hill Country of Texas. Once there, we had the great opportunity to tour several summer camps with other members of Camp Owners and Directors Association (CODA).

In the span of two and a half days we explored 7 camps! We saw the Guadalupe River which, compared to our Little River, proved to us that everything really is bigger in Texas. Jack rabbits, deer, and horses were roaming throughout camp grounds, so you know I was a happy camper! It was a great time to mingle with other camp people and it was also a great time to eat. We enjoyed wonderful meals surrounded by good company bouncing ideas back and forth. We even had a little friendly Corn Hole competition which, of course, we dominated. Every fall we look forward to this time to connect with fellow camps across America and discover ways to improve our very own camp in Alabama. It’s said where two or more camps gather a friendship bracelet forms, so you better believe we made a wrist full this week!

We can’t wait to implement the new ideas we discovered so stay tuned to see what’s new for next summer! And a huge shout out to CODA and the Texas camps that hosted us! Yeehaw (am I allowed to say that if I’m not wearing a cowboy hat?)!