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This Takeover Tueday Jasmine Johnson, one of our favorite archery queens, took over our Instagram! Jasmine has been a counselor for the past two summers and is currently a sophomore at Lee University. Keep reading to find out what some of her favorite things are at Camp Skyline!

What’s your favorite activity and why?

My favorite activity at Camp Skyline was most definitely archery. I got to be head this summer and being able to teach every class and get to interact with all age groups was really fun for me. We got to play fun games and be silly, but it was also amazing watching kids set a goal and actually hit/exceed that goal and being the one that helped them get there made every hour I spent in the archery range worth it. Plus I mean the sound of an arrow hitting the target is one of the best sounds ever.

If you had to choose one camp song to sing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Taps. For sure. I think it’s beautiful and even after a long day at camp it always gave me peace and made me thankful for my time there. Andddd it’s really catchy and I had it stuck in my head for awhile after camp.

What is one of your favorite camp memories?

One of my favorite memories of camp this summer was more of a series of moments rather than one moment. It was moving to the otherside of the river and becoming a Riverside counselor and getting to connect with them and hear their stories and even get to share mine. If I had to pick one moment though it definitely would be getting to share my testimony at a campfire and seeing God use it.

If you could eat one camp meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chicken fries!!!!!! I love chicken in general so pretty much every meal was good but man am I craving some chicken fries right now

And finally you had a pretty iconic outfit for the 4th Session Video Music Awards. Will you be dressing up as a Troll for Halloween too (the people need to know)?

Hahahahaha let’s just say my costume involves lots of glitter and big hair but shhhh it’s a surprise :)

Head to the Instagram today and check out the story to see what Jasmine’s been up to throughout the day!