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Gain Independence

Summer camp is a fantastic way to help young girls gain independence! There are many different things they can do at camp that they don’t get to do back home. From riding a horse, to shooting a gun or a bow and arrow, to flying high on the circus, or jumping off of our Pamper Pole, there are many opportunities to try new, adventurous things. At Camp Skyline, campers choose their schedules on the first day of camp, so it is up to them what they will be doing for the 2 weeks. This not only fosters independence, but also helps them gain confidence through trying new things and overcoming fears. It is truly special watching the encouragement that takes place at camp, from counselors and fellow campers, as well!

Be Their (Authentic) Self

Authenticity is valued at camp! I can’t tell you the number of campers that will tell us they love camp because “I can be myself here.” This is the beauty of an all-girls camp. There is not that pressure to try to impress anyone or conform as might be the case back home or at school. In fact, being silly and goofy is encouraged!

Grow in Their Faith

Parents know the positive impact that a Christian camp can have on a child’s development. At camp, young women are able to experience God’s love for themselves and blossom in their own unique, individual way. They are surrounded by God-fearing, intentional counselors who want nothing more than to pour into them each summer.

Unplugged Environment

Our camp environment is unplugged, meaning we don’t have cellphones or electronics. We believe that this enhances the camping experience. Campers learn how to talk to each other face to face, not behind a screen. They learn communication skills that they will use later in college and their careers!

Build Relationships

Girls come from all over the United States and even different countries to come to camp. They meet people from all over and build on those relationships each year. We believe being unplugged fosters those strong friendships. We have campers that tell us that their camp friends are different from their friends back home and we believe this is why. It is truly amazing to watch young women that were once campers together become counselors together and later even roommates in college. Camp friends are lifelong friends!