Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope all of you have had a wonderful time, eating lots of turkey and taking the every popular “I’m so full I think I might throw up” Thanksgiving nap. Camp is quiet during this week. We get this week off and everyone goes home to spend it with family.

This will be the first Thanksgiving, in 50 years, I have not spent with my family. I have always spent Thanksgiving with my family…..always. This year Larry and I will spend it in Missoula Montana with our son. Needless to say we are very excited, we don’t get to see him a lot and they do not have the traditional southern school week off for the holiday. I’m also sad. I will miss family I don’t get to see very much as well as my daughter, son-in-law and my three grandsons. Children during any holiday make it so much better!!

I am learning that things do not stay the same, even after 50 years of doing it the same way. I wonder how many of you are doing a different than usual Thanksgiving holiday. I can’t wait to see what I learn, what I take away from this and incorporate into next year.

I think about that “First Thanksgiving” so many years ago. Did they believe we would still be celebrating it when they sat down to eat? The “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans from the Wampanoag tribe with their chief, Massasoit. This was celebrated in 1621 and lasted three days.

Can you imagine eating like we do during Thanksgiving for THREE days? I already eat myself silly, that would truly be awesome and somewhat miserable. The amazing thing is, this first feast was celebrated and it continued! This first feast was shared with friends, friends that taught the Pilgrims how to grow crops. This first feast was all about being thankful for survival, thankful to be able to worship God with out persecution, thankful to start new and work hard. We think of these things as basic, and they are, but are we truly thankful for them? I want to encourage all of us to be thankful not only for the “extras” in life but for the basics as well.

May the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday be a reminder of our Father in Heaven and all the “basics” and “extras” he has bestowed upon us this year.

In Him, Sally

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