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This Takeover Tueday Anna Grace Kwon, a ropes rockstar, took over our Instagram! AG has been a counselor for the past two summers and is currently a freshman at the University of Georgia . Keep reading to find out what some of her favorite things are at Camp Skyline!

What’s your favorite activity and why?

My favorite activity is ROPES! I love all the different elements. You can take this up high with the ropes course or go down the world renown zip line. Perhaps, you are up for a challenge–that is what the Centipede or Dangling Duo is for. There are so many incredible things about ropes but my favorite is that it is far far better than circus.

If you had to choose one camp song to sing for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would definitely sing the bog song for the rest of my life. The bog song is unique because of its unlimited potential. You do not have to be restricted by the lyrics of the song. Maybe on the bog there a Bitsy, and on the Bitsy there is a Beli Deli, and on the Beli Deli, there is a Spirit Cup…the possibilities are endless.

What is one of your favorite camp memories?

My favorite camp memory is when I was a camper, the last night of 3rd session 2015. To follow the beautiful Christmas in July, Riverside stayed up until midnight to ring in the “new year”. It is, to this day, the greatest New Year’s party I have ever been to.

If you could eat one camp meal right now what would it be?

I could really go for the chicken surprise. I always thought it was surprising for two reasons: 1) how good it taste and 2) how we are so gifted to have such a treat at our humble camp.

And finally what is one thing you can’t live without at camp?

I will entirely cease to function at camp without a cup of coffee in the morning. There’s nothing like the sounds of breakfast in the dining hall while sipping on some nice hot joe.