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1. Build Strong Relationships

Building relationships is a huge part of camp. Whether that be with your fellow staff members or your campers the relationships built at camp are unlike any other. You might just find your new best friend or future college roommate. Camp friends are lifelong friends!

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Camp is a great place to branch out and try new things! Have you ever wanted to zip line, jump off of a telephone pole, ride a horse or shoot a gun? Camp is a place for you to have plenty of new experiences and even discover new things about yourself along the way!

3. Join the Camp Bubble

Camp is a special place full of traditions and lots of fun. The camp bubble is like its own little community of people working together and looking out for each other. At camp, you are free to set aside the outside world and enjoy the beauty of being unplugged and in the moment.

4. Gain Leadership Skills

There will be plenty of opportunities to hone in on your leadership skills at camp. Whether that be becoming a head counselor, activity head or leading the campers in a daily campfire or devotional. There are many different ways to step up and take the lead. Children tend to follow by example so it’s pretty cool to have little people that look up to you and want to be just like you!

5. Have the Best Summer of Your Life

You will make lots of friends, gain connections, learn new skills, try something new, become one with nature, create lots of stories, laugh (a lot), dress in crazy costumes, braid tons of hair, learn plenty of line dances, develop an awesome Chaco tan, & oh yeah…HAVE THE BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE!