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The song White Christmas has been stuck in my head and that might be for a few different reasons. I enjoyed going to the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham for my birthday and watching the sing-a-long version of the movie White Christmas, it just makes me so happy for the holidays. I mean I would love for one Christmas to wake up and there be snow on the ground. It would just be magical and make this movie come to life. I can always count on Christmas morning here at camp during 3rd session when we celebrate Christmas in July. We wake up to a white Christmas after all of the LT campers, the oldest campers, roll the gym with toilet paper. So, when all of the campers walk into the gym Christmas morning it looks like it snowed. This is such a fun tradition for the kids to enjoy!

Not only do the kids here at camp enjoy Christmas in July but the staff do too. On Christmas morning our barn counselors wake the campers up riding horses around camp in festive outfits. After that everyone comes to the gym and that is where Brett, my husband dresses up like Santa and hands out big stockings to each cabin. Santa even brings all the staff a little present to with Christmas shirts. All of the staff and even the campers have fun playing Secret Santa where we give little pick-me-ups each day and have the big reveal on Christmas morning. After all of the Secret Santa’s have been revealed we pile up in the middle of the gym where Saralee reads us the Christmas story and talks about the true meaning of Christmas.

If you can’t tell we love our traditions here at Camp Skyline, especially during Christmas in July. Just like families love their special traditions during Christmas in December! My family’s traditions include going to Christmas Eve service at church then to Huddle House to end the night. On Christmas Day both sides of mine and my husband’s family come to our house at camp for brunch. I hope you and your family will enjoy the traditions you’ve made over the years or even start a new tradition this year!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with your families!