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As 2019 wraps up we can’t help but look back at what an amazing summer we had here at Camp Skyline! From new activities to oodles of cookie brownies to friendly club competitions to an all around stellar summer, this year has been one for the books for us.

Our summer theme was In Good Company (Luke 1:45) and we certainly were ‘in good company’ this year! We had a staff of Christlike counselors that served as positive role models throughout the summer. And we had campers that provided laughter and smiles all summer long! We successfully implemented our newest, and very popular, activity Caving, Survival, and Rapelling(CSR). Along with a new nighttime activity, Shark Tank, which proved to be a camp favorite! In 2019 we saw new friendships form, old friendships strengthen, and cookie brownies to bring them all together! We are so grateful for the wonderful year God blessed us with and can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in 2020!

Check out the photos below for a few highlights from our 2019 Summer!

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We had plenty of river fun this summer!

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Our newest activity CSR(Caving, Survival, and Rapelling) was a hit!

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Even after the campers got their hands a little dirty caiving!

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Color Wars was fun for all clubs!

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We had several dunks in the water trough for our Grand Champion winners!

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Amazing counselors and loving campers!

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Lots of laughter!

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A great summer theme! Luke 1:45

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We will miss you 2019!