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I can’t believe it is already here. It seems just yesterday we were in the middle of the summer having a great time at camp, going to activities and playing sock war. I guess this means before we know it we will be in the middle of summer 2020. That’s a little overwhelming to think about right now. The summer is right around the corner!!

Let’s talk about the season we are in right now. It’s Christmas!! Hopefully you are done with your shopping (you only have hours to finish up) and are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This time of year provokes many thoughts. During these times I always wonder about, Mary and Joseph’s travels. What were their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. I mean, Mary is caring The Savior. I believe our nativities (as beautiful as they are) may not portray everything. As I read in Mathew and Luke they are traveling to be counted for the census at the time she will give birth. I don’t know about the moms reading this but my last month was miserable. I cannot imagine spending the last weeks of my pregnancy walking to another town or riding on the back of a donkey. How many times did they have to stop because she needed to go to the bathroom…….again! I bet it took twice as long to get Bethlehem. Did she have to camp out during this trip? I don’t think I could do that. If Larry Johnson suggested that to me during my last weeks of pregnancy we would have major issues about that!

When they finally get to Bethlehem no one will help them. There are no rooms to be found except a barn. Mary gave birth to our savior in a barn. IN A BARN!! There is no telling how tired and dirty she is from traveling and she has to give birth. Giving birth in a barn today is probably grounds to have your baby taken away. In all of this the Bible never even hints that she complained. Luke 2:19 says that Mary treasured this and pondered it in her heart. Mary treasured this. You don’t complain about things you treasure. Honestly, Larry and I would have to be in counseling at this point.

I know the Bible does not put the emphasis here and I don’t mean to either. All of this (and more that I am sparing you from) makes the miracle of the virgin birth and our savior mean so much more. This wasn’t easy, just like following Jesus is not always easy. However, I want to stress to everyone, including myself to treasure this time and ponder it in your heart.

Merry Christmas to my camp family.