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Can you believe its Saturday already? Man, this week has flown by. Although we finally got some of the rain they’ve been talking about for the past few days, it didn’t dampen any of the campers spirits for fun throughout the day. Everyone was enjoying a little puddle splashin’, some dodgeball, ships and sailors and of course all the indoor activities went on just like normal.

The only thing sad about today was the fact we had to say good bye to our mini campers as they headed home (not all of them were happy about that either!!). We sure have enjoyed getting to know these little ladies and have enjoyed having them around camp. Getting to watch them perform their dance last night for the entire camp was a special treat indeed. We know you had a great time guys and we sure do miss you!! Keep checking in on the blog and watching the daily highlight video each night to see ow your club is doing!!

Everyone enjoyed the much cooler and sometimes wetter day, theres a great pic of a camper enjoying some rain as she’s swinging on the tire swings. Theres a girl thats gonna make lemon-aid if life ever hands her lemons.

It only rained for a short period during the morning and it didn’t take long for everyone to get right back to the action as the ropes course, archery and rifelry were some happening spots today. One of the best highlights of today was getting to see how well the pottery class and painting class are doing. It was really amazing to see how far they’ve come on their projects and how there shaping up here at the end of the week. If you have a camper in one of those classes, you’ll be surprised too, just wait and see.

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Although everyone enjoyed the cooler temps today, were all still excited for tomorrow. Now I know what you’re thinking, whats happening tomorrow that everyone is excited about? (at least I hope thats what your thinking) Well, here’s tomorrow’s top 10 list: (in chronological order)

#1- we get to sleep in a little late, no explanation needed here…..

#2- Camp Doughnuts….say no more, you guys remember them from check in

#3- Cabin Sunday school, each cabin will have their own Sunday School together lead by their cabin counselor

#4- Camp Church with our counselor choir, always a treat

#5- Sunday lunch- roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, a fantastic dessert and more

#6- longer rest hour!!!! again, self explanatory….

#7- Carnival- the biggest, wildest festival on the mountain with huge blow up rides, a dunk tank, faceprinting, karaoke and more

#8- Picnic on the grounds, we’ll all enjoy a dinner picnic out and about around camp. It’s a great way to wind down the day and enjoy some laid back time with everyone camp friends

#9- Counselor hunt, this is where the counselors dress up in their best camo and hide all over camp. The campers pair up and do their best to find them in trees, under bushes, behinds walls and even sometimes in a trash can or two, they really get into it! Once a camper finds a counselor, they bring them to the gym and find out how many points they’re worth for their club and the club with the most points wins points for their club.

and the #10 great thing about tomorrow- all camp campfire. This is where the entire camp will be at the campfire and we enjoy tomorrow nights devotion all together

So ya see, theres a lot going on tomorrow and we can’t wait to get to them (especially the sleeping later part!!

Right now the campers are up in the gym enjoying tonights movie night. They’re all decked out in their PJ’s each one of them has their own bag of popcorn to enjoy the show. I know they were all awake when they walked into the gym, I have no idea how many of them are still watching “Trolls” and how many of them, after a full week of activity are getting a head start on the sleeping late treat! (I know which one I would be doing if I wasn’t at the computer right now!!)

Well, whether they’re awake and watching the movie or snoozing in the cool night air, they’re enjoying their time (in my best Forrest Gump imitation) and thats about all I got to say about that….

You guys enjoy your time too and get ready for another week of fun and activities as we crank up the action. I hope you’ve been pacing yourself with the pics and blogs, were halfway there and not slowing down (except for tomorrow morning with the sleep late thing!!!)

Y’all have a good one, I’m gonna get a head start on some sleep myself tonight, Y’all should do the same!!