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Grace Ann here! Happy 4th of July (25th of June?) from Camp Skyline! Today was WILD and BUSY. I promise you, no girl will have trouble sleeping tonight.

So yes. We celebrated 4th of July here today. The morning kicked off with the ‘Morning Ride of Paul Revere’ to wake up the girls.The barn staff rode through camp shouting “The British are coming!” as they rang bells. A very patriotic start to the day!

Flag raising today was special too. We started with the the national anthem sung by Sam McCaleb, the counselor who is in charge of Musical Theatre with the voice of angel. Quick brag on Sam, she’s currently studying vocal performance at NYU Tische, and will be leaving us next session to work on an opera in Germany! So awesome that we got to hear her sing! Then, we had a lesson about the American flag. The girls learned all about the significance of the stars and stripes, the colors, and the folding of the flag. Did you know what when you food an American flag, there are 13 folds, and each fold has a unique significance? I didn’t! Isn’t that WAY cool?!

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After Breakfast we headed to the pool for the swim meet! Each age group competed with their clubs in a serious of swim races. Some of them included inflatables and beach balls, some of them were serious swimming. We have some amazing swimmers here!! I was amazed at how some of the girls just sped through the water like a fish! It was non stop cheering and dancing and singing outside of the pool while the racers competed. It may have been a bit toasty, but that’s why we all got popsicles! And plenty of sunscreen.

I have to say, I got some pretty hilarious pictures at swim meet today. Since it’s impossible to look good while coming up for air in a swim race, The pics of girls in mid-breath are just some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken, so I hope y’all appreciate it!!

Swim meet may be a lot of fun, but it is also a competition, and today the Rangers won!! With Troopers 3rd and Mounties 2nd, the Rangers were ecstatic to take the trophy today.

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A picnic lunch with freshly grilled hotdogs and sugar cookies kept everyone’s blood sugar up as we got ready for the rest of the day. (I’ve just been informed by Larry that they were ‘costco dogs’, not regular hotdogs, and apparently it is important that y’all know that…all I know is that they tasted amaaazing) After rest hour was the 4th of July Parade, wherein each cabin had a sign and 5 girls to represent, barn staff rode in on horses accompanied by Uncle Sam, the club captains threw out candy, the nurses drove through on a golf cart, and there were a few special guest appearances from camp family! Every camper was decked out with that good ol’ American Pride!

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After the parade, there was some free time to hang out, shower, and of course get totally decked out in club colors before dinner. Which brings us to the night activity: Speed Challenge. Whooooo baby speed challenge is intense!! Each age group speeds through a series of challenges and races to be the first club to finish all of them. It’s nonstop screaming and speeding as everyone scrambles to finish all their tasks. Pictures from speed challenge may be confusing, but they will also supply some comedy, just like the swim meet pictures!

Rangers brought in another win today at Speed Challenge! This time with Mounties in 3rd and Troopers in 2nd, the Rangers are just raking it in tonight!!

Tomorrow is going to be a very bittersweet day, as we have our last day of activities, cue uncontrollable sobs, but I know that every activity is jam packed full of surprises and awesome goodbyes. It’s crazy to think that this session is almost over!

Well I, along with all of your kids, am exhausted. So we’ll see ya back here tomorrow!