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Can you believe its Day 5 already!! Wow time flies when you’re having so much fun and it is flying up here. Believe it or not we had another great and cool day up here on the mountain. With the threat of rain being pretty much just that, a threat. The only rain we had was just a light sprinkle during rest hour (which worked out perfectly if ya remember what I said about going to sleep tp the sound of rain hitting a tin roof) and then it quit just as the campers were coming out of their cabins to continue with the days activities.

There are 2 very important classes here at camp that don’t worry about the weather only of they days and that is Musical Theatre and Set Design. These two separate classes work hand in hand to produce the show for the entire camp at the end of the session. This years show is one of my favorites, straight from the Magic Kingdom, Mary Poppins! The ladies are working hard at learning their lines and placements for each of the acts and the campers in Set Design have been working since day 1 to get the backdrops and props ready for them. Why just today I saw they were finished with their brooms for the song Chim Chim Cheree! I can’t wait to see how Burt and Mary do in this rendition of the Disney Classic!!

Like I mentioned last night, everyone was all prepared for some wet weather today but it never came, so we all just kept on playing and having fun in every outdoor activity you can think of. One of the biggest highlights today was (If your camper is a Mini Camper, get ready for it…) It was Mini TROT day up at the horse barn!! This is a HUGE deal to the minis’ as they have earned their way up to trotting after learning the ropes of horseback all week long! Way to go little guys, we’re all proud of you!! Another highlight of today was the mountain biking class making it all the way to the Alpaca farm. One of the advantages of taking this class is you get a pretty good view of different spots on the mountain that other campers may not get to see. I’m pretty sure we’ll have some of those pics up tomorrow so you can see for yourself how much they enjoyed the meeting. (both the Alpaca’s and the campers!!). Another mountain biking class made their way to the edge of the brow and got to enjoy the gorgeous view from atop of Lookout Mountain. If you’ve never seen the view in person for yourself, you really ought to stop at the brow park on your way up of back from camp and check it out. Its a pretty photogenic spot (you know, if you like 30 mile views of mountain and valleys and that sort of thing….) Its about 20 seconds out of your way and really worth the trip.

Speaking of being on the brow, tomorrow will be our first trip for the repelling class as we head to the Georgia side and get our first trips up and down the brow over there. These girls have been working hard since day 1 on learning the correct techniques of ascending and rapelling on rope, and how to transverse an edge both up and down and tomorrow will be their payday to put all their hard practice into action. We’ll have one of our camp photographers with us so you can see what I’m talking about. So yes, tomorrow would be a really good day to click the “see all” tab on your phots and take look at the entire action from camp (I know, I know… you guys love the fact you get your campers pics sent straight to ya, but tomorrow would be a great time to go back and look through some more pics!) Trust me!!

Of course all this is dependent on one thing…Mother Nature. Hopefully we get more threats or just light rain. If the forecast is more accurate tomorrow then we’ll postpone the trips till next week when we have some sunny days.

One thing the weather doesn’t affect is your campers appetites! You should have seen them put away the roast beef today at lunch. And when I thought they couldn’t eat another bite, they brought out desert of Chocolate Eclair and would you believe they devoured that too!! I guess with all the energy they’re using on their activities they deserve a little top off of food every meal. If you don’t think they’re staying use and burning calories everyday, just be sure to check out the highlight video from yesterday (day 4) and see the surprise shot our videographer got a camper that dozed off at archery class. If ya haven’t see the video, you need to. Thats all I’m gonna say about it.

Tomorrow will be a big day here at Skyline. All the girls have been talking about it all week. Yep, its that time of camp when the boys from Camp Laney will come over and we’ll have our big dance (Hopefully) out on the tennis courts under the stars. If Mother Nature decides to crash the party we’ll just move it into the gym and keep the music playing!

Well, thats about all for today. You guys can check out the pics and see how candy crush (tonights activity) went. All the campers had to go to different groups of counselors and perform a crazy task to get a balloon with a point value inside. If they performed the task correctly, they got the balloon. If not, then had to perform a different task. It was too wild to even try to describe but you can check out the pics and tonights video and see for yourself.

One thing is certain, after another busy day of classes and tonights crazy activity, I m pretty sure your campers are all fast asleep in their bunks and dreaming of tomorrows dance (or maybe the Alpacas?)

Y’all have a great night, I’m about to head off myself, we’ll see ya here tomorrow and fill ya in on all the details of who dared with who at the dance!!

Have a good night,


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