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A colorful happy day to ya parents! At least its been quite a colorful and loud day up here on the mountain. We started the day off with our normal morning classes (did I mention its been in the low 60s in the mornings? Yea… were having that kind of session, its GREAT!!). Then after lunch instead of having our afternoon classes, all the campers came together in their clubs and headed to the sports field for our first session COLOR WARS! I’d try to explain it to ya, but I’ll let the video of it do that for me, It does a great job of explaining what happens when you give powdered color to a bunch of girls and tell them its a contest.

When they started the game, the clean, cool, quiet mountain air was instantly transformed into a fog of red, green, and blue dust and ear piercing yells as they ran and attacked each other with their clubs colors. Be sure to check out the video and see for yourself how crazy it was, It’s pretty entertaining.

After Color wars, it was time to clean up in the river. By then the temps had warmed up and no one complained one little bit about hopping in the river to play, um, I mean clean up and cool off to get ready for the big ChEER OFF they’ve been working on all week.

All the campers came to dinner decked out in their club colors and full of club spirit. There wasn’t a face that didn’t have club colors painted on it as they all were getting ready to finish out the day and the competition in the gym supporting their club.

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With everything they’ve had going on this week, I was blown away at how well they did on their cheers and songs. They all did a great job, but I gotta tell ya, the Troopers did their song to an Elton John classic “Crocodile Rock” and it was one fore the ages! Sad thing was non of the campers even knew what a great song they were singing. It was funny to hear them talk about this “New song” they had for the competition. (there’s still no better music than the 70’s and 80’s!!).

After all the color throwing, cheering, singing, sign making and skit performing (wow, what busy day its been!!) the final results were……… Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Troopers 1st!! It was an awesome day and everyone is fast asleep now from all the action.

Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regular schedule and last day of classes as all the campers will be getting in their last runs on the zip line, circus, riding their favorite horse, and finishing up their arts and crafts or pottery projects so even though it’ll be a regular day of classes, everyone will be busy getting in as much as possible.

One exception to the last day of classes will be our Caving and repelling class. We have one last trip planned on Thursday to make our last rappels and climbs on the beautiful west Brow of Lookout Mountain. The views will be spectacular and you’ll be in awe of what these girls will be going down and up that day. Make sure you check out the pics and video on Thursday to see those last bits of adventure for those girls!

Tomorrow night will be a perfect end to a busy day as we have our Cabaret performance of Mary Poppins. Everyone will get to kick back and relax and enjoy all the hard work the ladies in the musical theatre class have been doing as we enjoy their show. I’ve seen them practicing every afternoon during their rest hour to make sure they have all their spots and songs down and I know they’re gonna do a great job tomorrow. Just wait and see for yourself!!

Well, its been a fast paced day and its getting a little late so I’m gonna let you guys go a little early and get ready for tomorrows big day of classes. You guys have been great all session long keeping up with everything and we’ll finish it out strong tomorrow so be sure to check back in.

Y’all have a great night and I’m see ya tomorrow!!