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Howdy Parents! I figured I’d use the western term for “Hello” since we just had our “Hometown Throw down Dance” tonight with the boys form Camp Laney and what a great time it was but we’ll get to that later. But first…… the beginning of the story!!

It was another warm day up here on the mountain, but not nearly as hot as it was down off the mountain. I had to run an errand down to Fort Payne this morning and I couldn’t believe how much hotter it was down there than it was up here on top. I really feel for you guys that live in the lower areas, at lease we get a break from the heat and humidity up here. The heat didn’t have any effect on your campers though. The Mini campers today were running full throttle as I watched them go from class to class. you should have seen them in archery, they were slinging more arrows than in an old John Wayne movie and these girls were actually hitting their target!.

When they got to horseback they got to do the mini camper relays on horseback complete with the whistle with a cracker in your mouth relay. Even some of the horses were laughing at them on this one.

They weren’t the only ones busy in classes. All the other campers were making the most of this beautiful Friday and have all settled into their daily routine. It doesn’t take ‘em long to get going in whatever activity they’re in. Arts and crafts girls are nearing completion of their projects and they’re looking really good. I think the camp photographers got down there today and got some pics of their almost complete works of art.

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I know the photographers made it to the waterfront today. Like I said, it wasn’t unbearable up here, but it was definitely warm enough to enjoy the blob and the waterslide. You can tell from the looks on some of their faces the waterslide was a big hit at one of the ways to keep cool today!

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The campers in the caving and repelling class made their first out of camp trip this afternoon. We packed up lunch and took it with us ‘cause we didn’t have any time to spare as we got right out into the woods over on the Georgia side of the brow and then did exactly what they had been practicing all week. They went down and up the ropes we had hung, over and over, carefully working the edge of each rope placement to perfection. We only had 2 1/2 hours and some of them were able to make 9-10 trips down and up the rope. They were rockstars today and I couldn’t have been more proud of the work they’ve put in this week. It definitely paid off for them today and you could see their smiles grow almost as much as their confidence each trip over the rock edge. Tomorrow is a class in survival where they’ll make their own sterno ovens and hypothermia kits (like they’ll need those anytime soon???) and learn all the different knots we use and why we use them. Our next trip will be Monday morning where we’ll spend most of the day underground in a SCCi cave (including lunch in one of the huge rooms and a constant 57 degrees!!).

And now….. the rest of the story we started this whole blog off with, the boys from Camp Laney were over here dancing with our lovely campers. You could feel the excitement building throughout the day as all the campers were talking about tonights dance. You could smell, um… I mean see the cloud of Axe Body spray approach and hidden in the middle of the magical manly mist were the buses containing the recently spray re-applied boys from Laney! All the girls yelled like something I could only compare to what it must have been like the day the Beatles landed in the USA. I’m not sure why they were yelling and screaming….. they just were. Hey, I only report the stories, I don’t make them up….. well…. mostly. Once those now terrified boys got off the bus, the girls had formed a tunnel to lead them straight onto the tennis courts or as they were decorated tonight, the big dance floor!

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Just as in their activities, it didn’t take them long to get dancing and grooving (anyone use that word anymore?) to the sounds of the music blaring from the speakers out on the courts. The boys followed suit and before long, everyone was enjoying a great dance out under the stars of Skyline!. Before you knew it, the dance was finished and it was time for all the boys to head back to the buses and head back to camp, just wishing for one more song to dance to. Oh well guys, maybe next year!!.

Now before all the drama, err…. I mean dancing with the boys, we were treated to some of the best dancing of the night as our Mini Campers performed their dance they’ve learned this session in from of the whole camp! It was great to get to watch them all dance together, but the sad part is it is their last night here at camp as we say good bye to all our new little friends from camp. We sure are gonna miss you guys!! Thank you for being here and be sure to keep following the blog to see how your club is doing throughout the rest of the session.

Tomorrow will be another full day of activities followed by movie night as we slow things down again and let everyone enjoy a nice cool night in the gym with their own bag of popcorn, decked out in their PJ’s and sitting back relaxing with a movie. Not sure what they’re showing yet, but I’ll let ya know tomorrow night and who knows, maybe I can talk Grace Ann into writing tomorrow night’s blog to give ya all the details.

Y’all have a great night, it’s been a long day and like a slow kid in dodgeball………. I’m out!!

see ya tomorrow,