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Hellooo parents and welcome to day 2 of Camp Skyline news!! It’s been a busy day with all the campers in their new activities and learning their way around camp. You could hear them laugh and yell in all the different areas of camp today as I walked through the grounds. Of course one of the best activities today was the waterfront as all the campers tried out the pool and the river toys like the blob and the lilly pads. I managed to hang out down there today during 6th period and I think it was the perfect way yo cool off at the end of a fast paced day. You should have seen some of those campers fly off the end of the blob when another camper jumped down on the opposite end. Who would have thought campers were so aerodynamic and could get such great hang times before splashing down into Little River. No matter how high they went or how they entered the water, the end result was always the same when they popped back up from the water. One giant smile from ear to ear and a roar of laughter from the flight they just took.

All the campers got their first day of emails after lunch today. They were really excited to get them with all their other mail. I had to walk through camp during rest hour and to be honest with ya, I’m not sure how much rest the little darlings got. You could hear them talking and playing games in all their cabins. (Personally, I was hoping for a little rest hour myself, but that just didn’t seem to happen…. Maybe tomorrow??).

One event that caught my attention today was during lunch. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m used to the semi loud roar of several hundred girls eating, conversing, and yelling…. um…. I mean singing (yes, they do that after EVERY MEAL!!!) but when they brought out todays desserts of chocolate chip brownie squares, well…… That dining hall turned into something I though I would only see on the top 10 highlights of Shark Week. It was a feeding frenzy and those poor brownies didn’t stand a chance being out numbered like they were. Fortunately for them, it was over quickly as those girls struck with the speed and force of a starving Great White shark at a all you can eat seal buffet. Needless to say it was quite the show to see them devour brownies like they did. It may be a hunch, but I think thats one of their favorite desserts of camp?

Now after all the activities today, you’d think the campers would run outta energy somehow. Oh no, not these girls. They came into dinner all decked out in their club colors from head to toe and with their faces painted to match! They were gettin’ ready for tonights activity of SOCK WARS. I explained how its played in last nights letter so if you’re not sure it will make some fine reading for ya if ya have nothing better to do.

The camper didn’t waste any time getting right after each other as soon as we rang the bell to start all the clubs rushed together and socks were flying through the air. Not to mention they brought their singing (yelling) voices with them to the game ‘cause you could hear them scream every time a group of one club would surprise another club with a much anticipated sock ambush. At the end of the night after all the socks were thrown (and probably a few shoulders thrown out), the final results were in, and they are……………. Mounties 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Rockin’ Rangers 1st!! Congratulations girls its is well deserved as they take the lead to claim the points cup at the end of the session.

Tomorrow will be another busy day as everyone is settled into their schedule now. No more time for directions as tomorrow we’ll all be heading right into the classes and getting busy with the activities. Speaking of activities, I gotta tell ya, today was the first day of one of our new activities, CSR (Caving Survival and Rapelling). We got the campers in that class fitted with their personal gear and went over the equipment and how it works and tomorrow will be ascending and descending rope on the tower. We have 2 trips planned at the end of this week so be sure to check out the pictures from some pretty amazing locations right here close to camp. You’ll know them when ya see them but thats a pretty good reason to check the “all photos” button on the picture app. There are some shots that are really great to see even if it doesn’t contain your favorite camper, know what I mean!!

No with all this action the first 2 days, were gonna slow it down a little bit tomorrow with our very own Skyline Talent night. This will give the campers a chance to gather in the gym and watch the other campers display some of they finest talents this side of the Rockies. No word if that Simon guys will be here to judge but that doesn’t matter anyway. No need to worry though, we’ll have our cameras right up from to bring ya all the pictures from the show so you won’t miss a thing!!

Well like I said at the beginning, its been a busy day and its awfully late (my typing skills are somewhere just below the speed of a heard of turtles in peanut butter) so I’m gonna head off and call it a night. You guys don’t stay up too late looking through all the pics or you’ll never make it through the whole session and I want ya to stick around so we can have these late night chats all session long!! Go get some sleep, I’m about too!!

have a good one and I’ll see ya tomorrow,