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Howdy Ho camp Parents and thanks for tuning in again to catch up on all the days news from Camp Skyline. Its another late night (ain’t they all this time of the year?) so I’ll get right to the meat and potatoes of the action for ya!

You couldn’t have asked for a better day as the temps were in the low 60’s again this morning and you even see some campers and counselors walking around in a sweatshirt the first part of the day. (I know some of y’all wish you were back up here now!!) It doesn’t take long till those sweatshirts are traded in for T shirts as the temps pick up throughout the day but it never really gets above the mid 80s up here so far and that keeps everyone’s spirits up throughout the entire day of activiities.

Speaking of activities, the campers are fast and furious when it comes to jumping right into their classes and getting to work/play. One of the more popular classes is our cooking class where the campers are putting together a cookbook of everything they learn to make throughout the session. Needless to say thats one class I always intend to stop in and check on near the end of each period, know what I mean??

Besides cooking, there’s all sorts of fun going on like riding the water slide down to the river, horseback was learning to do some jumping, ropes course was swinging through the air and more!!

All the campers are well settled in now and hoping from class to class and you’d think these girls have known each other for years the way there’s all sorts of hanging out and laughing going on. Some of the smiles you see in todays pics are certainly from the arrival of the camper (and counselor) favorite FRIOS Pops in Bali Deli! They’re a favorite treat that I’m sure you’ll hear about! If they did get a little warm during the day, the FRIOS sure helps cool ‘em back down!

Tonight we slowed things down a little bit and let the girls get their legs back under ‘em after 2 full days of fast paced fun. They didn’t mind at all taking it easy in the gym with the cool nights air as they relaxed and watched our own Skyline Talent Show! And they were’t disappointed either! Even though they were taking it easy there was plenty of cheering and standings O’s for the campers that got up on stage and showed their skills. We had everything from baton twirling, pianos players, ukulele players, dancing, singing, guitar players gymnastics, the list goes on and on….. It was a great night of real entertainment and everyone was taken back at all the talent on the stage. I know I would have hated to be one of the judges and try to pick a winner out of all the girls that were up there and the judges had a hard time, but in the end they were able to award campers the following prizes: Groups 1,2,&3

3rd: Sydney Marsh and Gabby Ortiz

2nd: Daisy Whittington

1st Collier McMullen and Sophia Toledo

Groups 5&6

3rd: Kate Scott and Hattie James Lester

2nd: Addison Freeman

1st: Megan Knight

and the overall winners were:

1,2,&3: Carrie Young

5&6: Eliza Raines

Congratulations to all the girls, I know it took a lot of courage to get up there in front of everyone and perform like they did! What a way to spend the night, getting to watch everyone do so well.

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Tomorrow it’ll be back to the classes and the action will get faster and better as the week goes on. I know now that we’re into the meat of the week, I’ll head down to arts and crafts and pottery and see how their projects are turning out. I’ll be sure to let ya know what I see tomorrow when we meet again.

Well, its been another busy day up here on the mountain and if you’re half as tired as I am then…… well….. That makes me twice as tired as you and I’m feeling every minute of non sleep as you are!! Y’all have a good night and I’ll see ya tomorrow, I’m about to head off and enjoy some of this cool night air as I check my eyelids for leaks!! You should do the same!!

have a great night, we’ll see ya tomorrow


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