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A chilly hello to ya parents! Thats right, thats exactly what I said, “A chilly hello to ya!” I’ve been writing these blogs for over 21 years and that may very well be the first time Ive ever started off like that or even used those words in a blog. It may be cooler this week but that hasn’t stopped your campers from getting the most out of their classes. They were all over every activity today as fast as they can to make sure they get in as many tries as possible before its time to head to the next activity.

The ladies in arts N’ crafts and pottery put the finishing touches on their projects to make sure they would be dry and complete by tomorrow. The campers in riflery were honing their skills trying to work their way up to get patches for their accomplishments and the campers in archery have gotten so good, they’re now playing tic-tac-toe by shooting the squares they want to put their X or O in on the target. You guys have some real achievers out there and you may be heading down to your local sporting good store to get them some new gear they’ve enjoyed these activities so much! (if ya do have to get any, give me a call, I’ll be happy to tell ya what brand and type we use so they can use the same gear!)

The campers in circus, gymnastics, dance and flag and baton got in their last day of practice so they’ll be all ready for tomorrows performance in Showtime at Skyline where they’ll get to strut their stuff in front of the whole camp and show them what all they’ve learned this session. So it was a busy day of last minute having fun and making sure everyone was ready for some impressive performances tomorrow. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed and well be there with the cameras so you guys playing along at home can see their skills too!

Today during 6th period, we had a quick shower and now the temps are just right to sit back, throw on a sweat shirt end enjoy tonights musical theatre presentation of Mary Poppins. What a great way towing down the last day of classes for 1st session.

Tomorrow we’ll have our horse show where the campers that were chosen today will compete for the Grand Championship! The winner of that will win the Horse Cup for their club and its up for grabs as all 3 clubs have some pretty dang good riders going after it tomorrow. We’ll let ya know how it goes, I know you guys will be waiting to see the results.

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After the Grand Championship it will be time for picnic on the grounds lunch and then, it will be Showtime at Skyline. I’ve already talked about that so I won’t bore ya with the details again here.

After all the performances during the day it will be time for one of the most emotional moments at camp, our camp banquet. Now folks, if I could find a way to get this thing sponsored by kleenex I could retire early! After all the awards are handed out and the tension reaches a fever high pitch when they announce which clubs win which cups, the reality of camp coming to an end hits home in these girls minds and hearts. This is where they realize they’re about to say goodbye to a very special group of friends that they have so much in common with. The friendships forged while you are at camp are ones that’ll last forever. They’ve worked together, played together, eaten meals together, sweated together, competed together, and now as we come to the end of our camp time, they will cry together. They realize they’ve supported each other through club competitions, through overcoming fears on the ropes course or circus, and all that special time is coming to an end. There won’t be a dry eye in the house as they say good bye to each other and laugh and cry at all the fun and meaningful times they’ve experienced together. It really is a moving time and no matter how much I write about it, theres no words I can put on this screen to truly describe the emotion in that room. I hope you check out every picture form the banquet so you can see for yourself just what these past two weeks has meant for these young ladies and how much they have changed.

After our banquet good-bye’s it will be time to head to the river with our clubs to put the final cap on the competition, to let each cabin tell everyone their cabin wishes and to hear form our age out campers as they speak right from the heart and tell everyone what their camp time has meant to them as this truly is the final chapter of their camper life. It is one of the greatest highlights of the summer for me to get to listen to these young ladies make speeches that come straight from the heart and cary more punch than any political speech you’ve ever heard from a professional speechwriter. Yes, these are worth listening too. If you have an age out camper you owe it to yourself to have them deliver their age out speech to you. You won’t be disappointed and you will be proud, I promise you.

Well folks, its about that time of the night when I head off. This will be my last newsletter for 1st session as tomorrow night will be ab use night here at camp. Well have the daily video up so you can see which clubs won the cups and who the honor campers are so just because I ll be gone doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of Skyline activities. Just keep checking the facebook, youtube, and instagram pages for updates throughout the day.

Its been an honor and a pleasure to get to bring you all the highlights from each day. I hope you guys have enjoyed playing along at home ad much as I have enjoyed getting to bring you a sneak peek into the life at camp one day at a time. Please stop by the front office on closing day and say hi, I’ll be easy to spot, I’ll be the one that looks like they’ve been up lateen the computer as much as you have these past two weeks.

Thank you for letting your most prized possession be here with us for the past 2 weeks, It’s been an amazing time and we have truly enjoyed getting to spend this time with them as they play and grow in every essence of the word.

Have a safe trip up here Friday and I’ll see ya when you get here!

For the last time, 1st session, I’m outta here!