Helloooo parents and welcome to camp news where I’ll bring ya up to date with all there is to know about what your campers are doing each day and whats coming up next. First, I want to say you guys did an amazing job during check in this morning and it didn’t hurt that Mother Nature was cooperative in keeping the temps cool this morning, She even helped out again later in the day but more on that later.

Check in this morning went smooth and quick (except for those of y’all that like to get in line at 6 AM???? whats up with that???) and I have to say, this was one of the quickest opening days we’ve had in a while. Right after the parent meeting, most everyone was out of camp and on their way back home. I guess a lot of y’all didn’t have cell service up on the mountain and wanted to hurry up and get where you could start receiving your phone notices saying you had pictures of your camper already! Hey, whatever the reason you guys were great at gettin’ in and gettin’ unloaded and we appreciate it! I know all the campers were eager to get started with all their camp activities and meeting all their new friends.

After everyone left, the campers went on a camp tour (we don’t want ‘em getting lost while they’re here!) and then they signed up for their classes. You’ll be getting a card in the mail with their schedule and which club their in but it may take a day or two so don’t run out and wait by the mail box just yet! Here’s a pro tip, theres a folder of cabin pics and you can see what color shirt your camper has on and that will tell ya which club they’re in. If its Red, they’re a Mountie, Blue and they’re a Ranger and of course Green makes them a Trooper.

You’ll want to remember which club your camper is in ‘cause these girls take their clubs seriously! We’ll have all sorts of competitions between the clubs and they’ll be battling tooth and nail to try and claim the Points Cup at the end of the session for their club.

After lunch, we were taking our cabin pictures and the day was just starting to get a little warm when Mother Nature stepped in and brought us a nice little 10 min shower that was perfect to take little break to let the dust settle and drop the temps back down to near perfect. They’ve stayed down a for tonights activity of “Cabin Fun Night” where each of the cabins gets together and does their own different game. We had everything from shaving cream wars, face and body painting, tie dyeing, hungry hungry hippos human style, messy twister and of course we gotta have spa night for some of the cabins!

It was a great way to start the new session with all the campers playing together and getting to know their new cabin mates better through all the activity, what more could you ask for? After it was all finished we ended the day all together at the campfire for tonights devotion. After tonight the younger campers will have their own devotion at their campfire and the older campers will have their’s at their own campfire at Riverside.

Tomorrow will be a fast, fun, full day of activities as all the campers learn what they’re gonna be doing in their activities. Well be there to get all the pics and videos for ya so you can keep up with ‘em. (good luck, they have all kinds of energy!!) Tomorrow night well have the wildest time yet with SOCK WARS where we split the camp into 3 sections and each club hides their flag in their section and then we ring the bell and each camper heads out to try and find the other clubs flag, but WATCH OUT!!! Each camper will be armed with stuffed socks (we supply them, don’t worry moms!) and if you’re hit with a stuffed sock thats thrown by a camper in another club, you have to report to the scorers table before you’re back in the game. Just try to picture hundreds of girls all running around, yelling and throwing 1,000 socks at each other…..yea…. its that crazy!! It makes for some great pics and video though so be sure to check back in and see for yourself.

I’ve mentioned the video a couple times and for those of you that don’t know, we have a highlight video each night of the days activities. Just go to our website and click the youtube or facebook icon at the top and it will take you to todays video. Or you can just watch it at the end of this blog.

Well, its been a great opening day and now all the girls are fast asleep in their bunks (I can’t wait to get to mine!!!). You guys enjoy the pics, videos, and everything else and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow. You rookie camp parents be sure to pace yourself, If ya don’t you’ll spend all your time on the computer while your camper is here and there’s no way you can make it the whole 2 weeks! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!! Have a great night, well see ya tomorrow!! LJ

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