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Howdy parents and welcome to day 3 (can you believe it already?) It was a little damp this morning when we all woke up but your campers didn’t let that stop them form having a great day. Since it was still raining during 1st period al the campers went to their rainy day locations to continue activities there. If they were an inside activity, then nothing changed, if they were an outside activity they had activities indoors. Horseback got some grooming and tack lessons about the horses, so the rain day didn’t bother them at all.

Rainy day locations only lasted for 1 period and by the time 2nd period started it was full speed ahead with all the adventures. Circus class worked on their “seats-off” and “toe hang” while the ladies in ropes were quick to get up on the static course today. Cooking class was making some “kinda instant” homemade ice cream and you should have seen their faces when they got to try it at the end of class! Actually, if ya look through the pics, you CAN see their faces at that moment and its worth the look trust me.

After lunch it was my personal favorite time… rest hour (how come we can’t get any rain showers during that time???) and then back to the activities. Some of the campers enjoyed a cool and quiet canoe trip down and back up Little River. What a great way to beat the humidity by taking a easy cruise downstream and enjoying the quietness of the river. I’m sure thats what they did, right? I mean… they wouldn’t go down the river just to get the chance to canoe past the boys at Camp Laney would they? Surely not.

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All the campers are enjoying dinner now and then its up to the gym for our nighttime activity, “Talent Night”. After all the action in the first two days of camp, a cool night to let everyone get their legs back under them is just what the dr ordered. Ive been talking about campers getting on horses, up on the circus, or ropes course, but let me tell ya. That ain’t nothing compared to the nerve it takes to get up on the stage in front of all the other campers and perform! Thats where I would draw the line….just not gonna do it and I don’t know how they do, but they do and they’re good.

Now even though it hasn’t happened yet (don’t worry, I’ll finish the rest of the blog after I watch the show, I’m just trying to get a head start on the whole process) Although the real show hasn’t started yet I did get to hear them practicing during rest hour and I can tell ya, were all in for one heck of a show tonight, its gonna be great.

Well, I’m gonna run over and grab some dinner and I’ll be back as soon s the talent show is over and I’ll have all the details for ya. See ya in a bit…

Ok, I’m back. You guys ready to hear about the Talent Show? We saw all kinds of acts tonight as the campers put on an incredible display of singing, dancing, gymnastics, baton twirling, and even a hello player. It was a show for the ages and I saw all kinds if future stars on our stage tonight. One thing I didn’t see was that Simon guy from America’s got Talent anywhere in the seats and let me tell ya it was his loss. The campers were entertained all night long and there were even several “standing O’s” passed on after some of the acts. They all were well deserved. I don’t know how our judges did it, but here are the final results from tonights show:

Groups 1-4:

3rd: Lilly McMillin & Kirby Osborne

2nd: Tessa Woodall & Julia Naftel

1st: Adeline Little

Groups 5&6: 3rd: Anne Reynolds & Mary Spann

2nd: Daly Meadows

1st: Soleigh Kueter

Overall Winners:

Groups 1-4: Chander Simon

Groups 5&6: Virginia Alexander

Way to go girls you guys were amazing tonight!!

Now all the campers are fast asleep and getting ready for another day of activities and tomorrow nights activity “Get Skyline Back!” This is where our counselors will dress up like Camp Laney boys and storm into the dining hall and take the club leaders and their club flags. It’ll be up to your campers to venture out in their clubs and dodge a bombardment of stuffed socks the counselors have to freeze the counselors and get their club leaders and club flag back to their rightful clubs. I don’t know about y’all but knowing your campers like I do, I feel pretty confident they’ll accomplish their mission and it will all turn out alright. Tune in tomorrow and see for yourself how they do and what the final results are.

You guys have a good night and get some rest, some of y’all are spending way too much time on your computer and starting to look as tired as I am already. We still have a long way to go and I don’t want y’all to burn yourself out this early in the session. Now go on, get some rest and we’ll meet back up here again tomorrow night.

See ya then!!