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…… And the record for quickest check in goes to Session 3!!! Well hellooooo parents and welcome opening day for Session 3! You guys did a great job this morning with the check in procedures. I thought some of the earlier sessions this summer were quick and efficient but you guys took it to a new standard this morning. Before I knew it, everyone was unloaded and you guys had all your campers’s cabin all decked out and ready fo go for the next 2 weeks.

It didn’t take long after everyone headed out of camp (ok, Some of y’all took a little longer than others…) before all the campers were playing ‘get to know ya’ games and learning all about their new cabin mates and friends. I don’t know how many times I hear campers asking each other “what grade are you in” or “ where are you from?” as I was walking around camp this morning. And by this afternoon all the campers knew everything they needed to know about their new friends as they were all calling each other by name and running around enjoying tonights activity. (more on that in a little bit)

RIght after lunch it was time to sign up for their classes and find out which club they’re in. You guys at home will be getting a letter in a day of two with all that information on it and here’s a big tip for ya, makes sure when you get the letter you remember which club they’re in. You don’t want to be the one that started a small family war by calling your camper by the wrong club name. When you look at the club pics that went up today if they’re are wearing a blue shirt they’re a Ranger, if it’s red they’re a Mountie and if its green, then they’re a Trooper. This little bit of information will go a long way to help keep your camper happy, trust me!!

After a delicious lunch everyone was busy taking a tour of camp and getting all their pictures so by getting all the “to-do’s” out of the way today we can start the week off tomorrow straight into their activities and having more fun than you can imagine.

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Speaking of lots of fun, tonights activity (see, I told ya we’d get back to this!) was called “Cabin Fun Night” where each cabin decides what they want to do together so they can keep on getting to know all their new friends. We had all sorts of shaving cream wars, spa nights, something called “chicken wing” games, face painting and of course some dancing! To top it all off each cabin came to the campfire for their turn at making S’mores. After all the activities were finished, we had every camper in camp all come to the campfire for an all camp nighttime devotion.

By now all the campers are tucked away in their beds and fast asleep, dreaming of the new activities they’re gonna start tomorrow. We’ll have our camp photographers and videographer out there getting shots of all the action so you guys can see whats happening up here at camp. Speaking of pictures, you all should be getting used to using the Waldo App to see all our pictures we post and theres around 400 per day that go up so if you’re new at it, keep playing with the app and you’ll get used to it and be navigating through the pictures in no time. I know it can be hard to learn new procedures when your internet expert is here at camp for two weeks, but I have faith in you guys at home to figure it out!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the experts at Waldo by emailing them at They’re really fast at taking care of any needs you may have!

Tomorrow will be a full day of activities and all the campers will be running full throttle from one activity to another. It’s going to be a fun day and there’s going to be lots of pictures to you can see for yourself.

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As if tomorrow isn’t gonna be busy enough were gonna end the day with a camper favorite “Sock Wars”. Now remember when I gave ya that tip about remembering which club your camper is in? Well, you’re gonna see how serious those campers take their clubs tomorrow night! We’ll split the amp into 3 sections and each club will hide their flag in their area and be armed with stuffed socks (don’t worry moms, we supply the socks, you still should get all the socks you sent with your camper back when she leaves…). Once we ring the bell each club will head out and be on a mission to find theater clubs flag and bring it back to the scorers table, BUT WATCH OUT!!!!! if you are hit by a stuffed sock thats been thrown by a camper in another club, you have to report to the scorers table before you’re allowed back in the game. To top it off, all the campers will be decked out int heir club colors and all kinds of crazy club colored outfits (Maybe thats why this trunks were so heavy today when they were moving in??)

Well thats today in a nutshell and what to look forward to tomorrow. Be sure to keep checking in on our social media post and see whats happening throughout the day. Its been a great day and there’s plenty more action to go and we have 2 weeks to go. So be sure to pace yourself and get plenty of rest, if you’re not careful, you’ll end of spending every moment you have on this dad gum computer and you’ll be burned out before you know it (trust me on this one!!)

You guys be sure to get some rest, we’ll be back here tomorrow and every night so take your time, and I’ll se you guys here again tomorrow!

Have a good one!