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Happy Saturday to ya parents! Although it was a little bit of a sad day up here on the mountain as we hated to see our mini campers leave (and some of them were too happy about it either, trust me!). the rest of the campers were active all day long. Now tonight’s activity may be called “movie night” but the theme of the day could have been “Water Balloon Day!!” I saw a lot of classes incorporating water balloons into their activities and the campers didn’t seem to mind one bit. Sports class had a pretty massive water balloon volleyball tournament (not sure how the serves or spikes went), but they were having a good time and staying cool while they were doing it.

As you browse through the over 400 pictures today, you may notice there are quite a few from our cooking class. Theres a good reason for that (other than the fact if theres any left overs around at the end of class, it’s a good place to be if your the photographer!). Today we had one of our very own alumnus in there as a guest celebrity chef for the day. Allene Arnold was a camper, counselor and head counselor and current Skyline foundation member here at Skyline back in the day (wasn’t THAT long ago). She has worked as a sous chef in New York City for Bobby Flay at Bar Amercain and currently is a food stylist in Birmingham. She stopped by today to help teach the girls in the class how to make chicken and waffles. All I can say for sure is I saw one camper walking out of class with some on her plate and when I asked, she was very good at communicating there was clearly not enough to share! On top of that she had a left over portion of Key Lime Pie from yesterday (she didn’t share that either….. I can’t really blame them, it looked really good). When I asked them about it they all smiled and kept eating and walking with no intent to stir up any more nonsense conversation about sharing the goodies on their plate. If your camper is taking the cooking class, you’ll thank me if you get them to cook for you one night when they get home to show you what they learned!

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During the rest of the day, the campers were taking full advantage of the water front and they are getting really good at the waterslide and blob. They’ve clearly mastered the skill of timing their lean up to the impending sound of “THUD” as another camper comes pounding down from their jump to launch them high into the air before they land, sometimes uncontrollably into the water. Some of those campers really get launched high into the air, I mean, who knew they were so aerodynamic? Anyway, it all ends the same way, one big splash followed by the chorus of ooohhh and woooowwwws form every camper in line.

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, tonight is movie night and all the camper are looking fro a little R&R up in the gym. They’ll come to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and then as they get to the gym they’ll each get their own bag of popcorn (I think its a law somewhere that you gotta have popcorn if you’re watching a movie). Then they settle back, get comfortable and enjoy tonights presentation of Sky High. To be honest with ya, I’ll surprised if all of them make it through the whole movie. I’m pretty sure I saw some drowsy eyelids as they were just walking up to the gym. I know I would already be asleep if I could, especially with the cool breeze thats blowing through the gym right now. It makes it perfect to get some high quality, early night napping done!

Now tomorrow is a special day for several reasons;

A. It’s Sunday

B. We get to sleep late

C. Homemade doughnuts for breakfast (and fruit, cereal, eggs, biscuits, etc… we don’t eat just the doughnuts… well some of them don’t…)

D. We get to sleep late

E. Camp Church service is always special

F. We get to sleep late

G. Biggest festival on the mountain for the afternoon activity complete with giant inflatable waterslides and more

H. We get to sleep late

I. Counselor hunt tomorrow night where all the campers will search and return the counselors that have hidden from them and they’re all worth club points

G. And Finally…… We get to sleep late!!!

Speaking of club points, I’m happy to report that the Rockin’ Rangers found the Golden Horseshoe today! That gives them even MORE club points in pursuit of the points cup at the end of the session. I’d say those Rockin’ Rangers are on a Roll (get it??? Rock N Roll… Hey its late and to me thats pretty funny right now!)

Well, as you can tell, things are starting to go sideways in my head so I”m gonna head off and get some sleep while I can. You guys playing along at home should do the same, don’t burn yourself out, we’ve only been at this for a week and theres still another whole week to go, Get some rest before you get as tired as I am……….go on, go to bed

We’ll se ya tomorrow night right back here with all the updates from the festival and counselor hunt, Now go to bed, don’t make me have to tell you again!

We’ll see ya tomorrow!