Hellooooooo world! It’s me, Grace Ann, back at it again with a new blog post! Larry is out enjoying some nice “free time”, whatever that is….

A nice and sunny day here on the mountain! Sundays at camp are the BEST days. Don’t worry, I’m not just making a big claim with no evidence to back it up. I came prepared with a list of reasons that Sunday at camp rocks:

-We sleep in! The wake up bell doesn’t ring until 8:45, and we all know that a well-rested camper is a happy camper.

-Pajama breakfast. We sleep in AND get to go to breakfast in our jammies?? It’s such a party!

-Doughnuts for breakfast. Camp doughnuts are just simply better than regular doughnuts. That’s a fact. If you were lucky enough to snag one on opening day then you know what I’m talking about.

-Sunday school. It’s educational, fun, and some great bonding time for the girls. They play games and they learn some great lessons taught by their counselors.

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-Counselor choir kicks off our camp church service with voices like angels as they lead the camp in worship.

-Church! Who doesn’t love some Jesus time! Asia Grimes gave the sermon, and let me tell you that she is one of the best women you will ever meet. She’s a former Skyline staff member and at one point was actually the camp chaplain. Now she’s a school teacher, and she loves teaching about God and dancing! You can bet there was some dancing incorporated into the service.

-FRIED CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN!!! (I reeeeaaaallly like the fried chicken for lunch…)

-A TWO HOUR REST HOUR?!? I’ll say it again: a well-rested camper is a happy camper.

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-The carnival! All of camp transforms into the coolest carnival ever! In the gym you can find activities like twister, corn hole, coloring, friendship bracelet/ necklace making, and face painting. The tennis courts are filled with giant inflatable slides and water slides. There’s also a dunk tank where girls can try to get out their club leaders, age outs, and counselors. The driver and pool are open to the older girls too!

-The snow cones at the Carnival are so good that they deserve their own bullet point.

-Picnic dinner outside is so much fun because you can sit with all your friends who aren’t in your cabin, and the weather was just PERFECT to sit outside at dinner time.

-And we top it all off with counselor hunt! The title is pretty self explanatory, it’s where the counselors hide and the clubs look for them. Campers scatter around camp trying to find a hidden counselor and win points for their club.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually this excited about every day at camp, but there’s something about Sundays at camp thats just SO MUCH FUN. So I hope I’ve provided enough evidence to support my claim. Maybe I should give a TED talk…

Check back in tomorrow to hear all about trip day and more!

-Grace Ann