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Happy Sunday to ya parents! We had a great Sunday up here on the mountain today. If ya read my Top 10 list from last night you already got the main idea of what all went on, but now I can fill in some of the details for ya

The day started off wonderful with a much appreciated later wake up time as everyone enjoys a few extra minutes of some shut eye. After everyone rolled sleepily out of their bunks we made our way to the dining hall for breakfast of fresh fruit, french toast cereal, eggs, biscuits and what else…… of yea…HOMEMADE DOUGHNUTS!!!!! What a wonderful way to start off your Sunday!

After breakfast it was back to cabin clean up and then to Sunday School, followed by church where own of our very own Alum Aja Grimes, who used to be the Chaplain here at Skyline! It was great to have Aja back at camp while she spoke to the girls about being in Good Company and how God will always be there for you for Good Company. And if you know Aja, you know she isn’t gonna let a chance go by where she can show the girls a dance and have them dancing too and she didn’t disappoint this time either! She taught the girls a dance at the end of her sermon and had them up on their feet and moving to the music. Be sure to get your camper to show you what they learned in church this week when you seen them!

After that it was time for lunch and then the biggest festival on the mountain as we had all sorts of blow up water slides, a dunk tank, (no I didn’t get in this year, chalk it up as another successful year of being able to dodge the “hot seat” so to speak), we had a giant Jinga game, face painting, corn hole and all other sorts of games. To top things off, each camper got their choice of flavor in their own sno cone.

The campers from Riverside and Summerplace had the option to go to the pool or the water activities during the festival too and you can see form some of the pics, they had a rip roaring time down at the waterfront.

All in all everyone enjoyed the chance to just play in some water and enjoy the games of their choice. It was the perfect way to end the first week of camp and you could tell by the end all the campers were worn out from all the activity.

After our picnic on the grounds it was time for the campers to head to the other side of the river while the counselors did their best to hide and not be found by the campers when they returned. No matter how much they tried to evade the campers, your campers didn’t give up. They searched under every bush and nook and cranny to find those pesky hiding counselors. You should be proud of your campers cause when it was all said and done, I think there were only 4 or 5 of them that weren’t found. That may be a new record here at Skyline! Once everyone returned to the gym and all the points were tallied up the winning club was……….. (can ya hear the drum roll in your head?)….. Rangers 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the magical Mounties 1st!! Way to go girls, job well done!!

Well now, everyone is fast asleep (except me, and I’m fighting it , trust me!) and they’re getting ready for a big day tomorrow. Trip day!. We’ll have 1 group of campers heading out of camp to play on the white water rapids of the Ocoee river all day and another group of campers will be heading out to spend all day underground with our caving and repelling class. I’m really excited about the caving trip as thats my class I’m teaching at camp this year and the ladies have been working so hard on their repelling and caving skills. Its going to be a great time in the cave and did I mention….. its 57 degrees year round in the cave! Not a bad way to spend the day in the South in June!! We’ll have all sorts of pics from both trips along with more pictures form everyone here at camp. With 2 groups out on trips, that means more turns on their favorite horse or ropes course element or shooting in archery or rifelry for all the campers back here at camp. Its gonna be a fund day no matter where you are tomorrow. Tomorrow night it one of our wildest and wackiest activities of the summer. Speed Challenge!. This is where we’ll split the girls up by age groups and they’ll sign up for the craziest relay races you’ve never heard of. the broom pull, cover your teammate in shaving cream, the toilet paper roll, wet sponge relay, grab a marble out of a bucket of ice with your toes relay and more! What makes these relays so wild and crazy (other that the pure nature of the activities they have to perform?) they’ll run 10 relays back to back to back to back…. you gut the idea. Until everyone of the 10 relates if finished and then which ever club is the first to finish all 10 is the winner. BUT WAIT!! THERES MORE!!!. Thats just for one age group. As soon as one age group finishes all their relays for all 3 clubs, well reset and do it again for the next age group. and then the next, and the next, and the next. WHEW!! I’m tired just thinking about it, just wait till you see the pics and video and see how tired you are! SO all in all, there will be 50-60 races going on and if the campers aren’t racing in that particular age group, they’re cheering nd yelling for their club mates to do well in their race. Needless to say, it will be a quiet and quick night tomorrow when we finish with everything!

Be sure to check back in and see all the action starting for week 2, you don’t wanna miss it!!

Y’all have a great night, I think I gotta go check my eyelids for leaks!

See ya tomorrow,