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Howdy parents and welcome back to Day 4, can you believe it’s day 4 already? I’m not gonna lie to ya, it was not a beautiful, clear sky, blue bird kinda day up here. But, it was an overcast, no bright sun and a high temp of maybe 80 kinda day and I dot think any one minded one bit. I know I certainly didn’t. The cool day was just perfect to keep everyone going strong as by now they are fully involved in their activities. I didn’t make it down to Arts and Crafts like I wanted but I will make a point to get there tomorrow and let ya know what I see going on.

You could almost tell all the campers sense there s some rain headed this way for the next few days and the outdoor activities like circus, horseback, ropes, and canoeing were running at a fever pitch with campers getting off one element and getting right back on to see how many times they could go during their class time today. Maybe they know theres a good chance we could be in rainy day locations tomorrow or Friday.

Don’t you start worrying though, even if we go to our rainy day locations, we’ll still be busier than ever with instructional time, dodge ball, and of course the indoor activities will still be going on like nothing happened. Our caving and repelling class will be indoors making their own stay warm kit and home made sterno oven/lanterns that they will take home with them at the end of the session. So see, even though we may move inside, theres still so much going on theres plenty of reasons to be tired at the end of the day. (and all through the day if you’re like me!!)

I was so busy last night trying to tell ya about the talent show I completely forgot to tell ya about tonights activities. So in the better late than never file, heres the info about the wild event called “Get Skyline Back” (and you’re gonna want to read the details to understand some of the pictures you’re gonna see).

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So there we were, all the camper and I sitting in the dining hall enjoying a nice quiet dinner together (not really, you remember, its never quiet during meal times!) when all of a sudden these stinky ol’ boys burst into the dining hall and kidnapped our club leaders and their club flags (not really, it was just our counselors, dressed as Camp Laney boys, but they did take the club leaders and their flags). Well now, your camper sounded a roar of yells and cheers and you know they ain’t gonna stand for someone taking their club leaders and club flags. They formed up in their clubs and headed right out after those boys (girls) to get their leader and flag back (not really, they did head out to rescue them, but not before they finished desert of snickerdoodle cookies….. you can’t perform a rescue on an empty stomach!).

Now to get their leaders and flags back each club had to head out to an area in camp where the counselors were waiting with armloads of stuffed socks. All the girls had to do to free their leaders were get 4 campers around the legs of each counselor. Easy right?? well…… Remember those armloads of stuffed socks I was talking about? Well, if a counselor hit you with a stuffed sock before you got to their legs, you had to report back to the scorers table before you could run back and help the rest of your club mates finish “capturing” the counselors. Once they had all the counselors in that group subdued by having 4 campers around their legs the club leader (or flag) was free and they all went back to a central staging area where they would get their clue as to where the next location to get the flag or club box was.

See…easy…. (not really) Aren’t ya glad I told ya to read the details before you tried to figure out why your campers were diving at the legs of counselors with magic marker mustaches and 5 O’clock shadows drawn on them? I know it sounds crazy but the girls love it and to see them smile when they save their club leader or flag lets ya know they’re proud of a job well done.

Whew, I’m tired just trying to explain it to ya, I know you guys must me a little winded just reading about it!!

Img 3160.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Tomorrow night will be an activity called “Candy Crush” and I’d love to tell ya all about it, but my fingers are about go on strike from all the huntin’ and peckin’ they’re doing just trying to get tonights details on the screen for ya.

Needless to say, its be a cool and great day to be on the mountain and after all the energy they put in saving their leaders tonight and getting everything they can out of their activities today, I’ll bet it’ll be a quiet and quick night tonight after campfire. Know what I mean???

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell ya who won tonights contest of “Get Skyline Back”. After the hard fought battles of dodging socks and leading countless charges of campers into the thrones of a sock barrage along with cheering and yelling as they did all this, the winners were….. Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!! Way to go ladies!!!! Be sure to congratulate your camper for a great job getting their leaders back tonight. I think its safe to safe our future is in good hands with the way these girls do what they set their minds to do!!

Well, y’all have a good night, I’m gonna head on over and get some shut eye and hopefully go right to sleep if the rain they promised comes in tonight. Nothing better than dozing off to the sound of rain hitting a tin roof!!

Y’all have a good one, like a slow kid in dodgeball……. I’m out!!


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