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Well hello again parents, I hope you guys have had as good of day as we have up here on the mountain, but I doubt it, that would be hard to do. I know you guys think this sounds like a broken record (does anyone even know what a record or a broken record is anymore???) but its been another beautiful day up here with warm temps and plenty of sun and fun to go around for everyone. The campers wasted no time today getting right to it with the activities. I was spending some more time at archery today doing a few minor repairs on some arrows and when it was time for a new class to come in they walked right up, ran through eh class roll and then went right to work trying to join the “30 Club” (3 bullseyes in a row). I can’t believe it was only a few days ago when they were learning the proper way to hold the bow and the shooting techniques. Man where does this time go????

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One thing I heard today that will make you parents proud happened right after lunch, The campers were going around picking up some of the trash they had “inadvertently” left on the ground (they did this to make sure they got Beli Deli in the afternoon) . and when a group of Trooper leaders came to the archery area to help clean up they were talking about all the trash on the ground when one of them said “ my momma would have worn me out if I left all this laying around” and another leader chimed in, “ yea, me too. My daddy only had to tell me once to throw my stuff away”. I looked up and told them they had some good parents and they were being taught the right way. They looked up and laughed and said they knew. It made me proud to hear those ladies take pride in their area and to make sure it looks like it should and how important it was not to leave things worse than you found them. It really made their day when I told them I was gonna write about them in tonights blog. So if you ladies are reading this after you get home form camp, heres to you!!! Well done.

Now I’m happy to report to ya that they all did such a good job cleaning up during rest hour that, as promised, Beli deli time did come this afternoon and it was the perfect time for everyone to cool off to the new order of FRIOS POPS. Those are a camper favorite popsicle with all kinds off different flavors and made of natural ingredients. I’m sure it won’t take long to see some pictures of them being held by a camper with a big smile if ya look through the pics.

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Later this afternoon it was back to business with the waterslide, the blob, tennis, horseback (those girls are getting really good at riding already too after only 4 days!!) and even mounting biking and health and fitness class (why someone wanted to run and do more exercise than what they’re doing everyday here is beyond me, but hey, it was their choice.

Now after all the fun today it was time for a nice quiet dinner (not really, those girls are LOUD and they sing after EVERY MEAL!! Just wait till they get home and stat singing after every meal at home!!!). When all of a sudden the doors to the dining hall burst open and in comes the counselors from Camp Laney (not really, it was just our counselors dressed up as Laney counselors) and they stormed in and took the club leaders and club flags with right out the door! Now your camper ain’t gonna stand for something like that to happen, and just as soon as they finished their deserts (you can’t go rescue someone on an empty stomach, everyone knows that!) they headed out to started to hunt down those pesky counselors that took their leaders and flags!

You should have seen the campers come in wave after wave, trying to get 4 campers around the counselors legs without being hit by a stuffed sock the counselor had for their defense. They were relentless in their efforts as they kept coming back in teams, some of them even using the “3 pronged attack” to try and keep the counselors form being able to defend them selves. It was a work of art to watch them keep going until they had finally freed their club leaders.

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Of course if they were hit by a stuffed sock that was thrown by a counselor in self defense, all they had to do was report back to the scorers table and then they were right back in the game and giving it everything they had to help their leaders and their club.

After it was all said and done, there were club leaders back with their clubs, Club flags flew proudly to lead each charge and everything was right in the world again! Once all the points were tallied up the final results were……. Mounties 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Rocking Rangers rack up another victory in pursuit of that Cup Point for their club at the end of the session!! It was a wild night and I know they’re all keeping well at this very moment (I wish I was!!)

Tomorrow will be another big day as they get right back into their activities. The caving and repelling girls are doing great in their training and getting ready for their first out of camp trip on Monday to do some “on rope” work out in “the real world”. I‘ll let ya know how they do!!

Well, its back to that time of day (night) when even I can’t make sense of some of the sentences I’m typing cause either my fingers are tired and hitting the wrong keys of my eyes are lying to me (or both). So I’m gonna head on off and get some sleep, you guys playing along at home should do the same! Have a great night and we’ll see ya tomorrow.