Let me introduce myself to you… I’m Frances Lindsey, the Camp Mom, and I have the pleasure to love on your girls all day. During the day I see them at different activities and in their cabins and at every meal. I even get to do pottery or cooking and if I’m really brave I will do the V-Swing. But mostly I just enjoy hanging out with all of your children and give out lots of hugs. So let me take you through a day at camp through a mom’s eye…

We begin our morning with my favorite gathering at Morning Watch where we start our day off with a wonderful devotional centered around our theme, IN GOOD COMPANY. Morning Watch is followed by the traditional Flag Raising and then off to breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and fruit. Delicious! (I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have 3 meals a day served to you and you didn’t have to plan the meal, cook the meal or clean up after the meal!) Your children are well fed and then ready to clean their cabin. It’s amazing to see them learn to make their bed, sweep, take out the trash and more. And they like doing it! It’s actually a competition to see who has the cleanest cabin.

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Shortly after cabin cleanup the girls head to their club meetings, learn more songs and bond together with all ages. It’s really neat to see the older campers braiding the younger girl’s hair or leading the group in cheers. This is also a time to hunt for the Horseshoe that has been hidden around camp and worth several points for the club who finds it. See if you know where it is after reading the latest clue…

I see you come and go all through the day. I know you are having fun no matter what comes your way. Sometimes there are smiles and sometimes you may shed a tear. But I know as you leave you really had nothing to fear.

Typically during my day I get to walk around camp to the different activities and occasionally participate with them. I had every intention to join fitness as they were doing water aerobics but I got carried away at archery. Your girls are sharp shooters and I love to join them! I also got to visit today with the brave girls at circus and I’ve got to tell you that they amaze me at the tricks they can now perform. We are all looking forward to showtime where the advanced circus girls put on a show for all of camp. And then something amazing happened…we got a lot of rain right before lunch. It has been much needed as the blob has been closed for a few days due to the river being so low.

Our new activity for brave girls, Caving and Repelling led by Larry, were supposed to go off campus to Zahnd Wildlife Management to repel in Georgia. However the rain, including thunder and lightening, put that trip off until tomorrow. Instead they were busy making hypothermia kits and learning how to make specific climbing/rigging knots. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see incredible pictures of the girl’s in action on the cliffs.

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We had another round of rain that came during our 2nd Beli Deli but it didn’t stop us at all. The girls all played games in the gym and then continued on to their 5th period. This is when is I go to one of my favorite activities with the older girls, Bible Study. Sally is teaching a great study on Job and to see these girls listen and to hear them ask such in-depth questions is wonderful. They will certainly learn how important their faith is when faced with challenging circumstances.

And then we got some more rain! It’s been so long since we’ve seen it so we were all thrilled. Age-outs are already asking if they will be able to jump into the river the last night of camp, a tradition they love. Hopefully the rain we’ve had today will last a few more days and that might be possible. But the pool is always another avenue!

What I witnessed that meant the most to me as a mom was the encouragement your children give to each other throughout the day. It’s really cool to see one girl telling her friend “you can do it!” as she jumps off the pamper pole and grabs the bar. Or when one girls shoots a little off target and a friend tells her “you’ll get it next time!” with a smile and a hug. I really do see this all day long!

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Our night time activity was the Laney Dance and you should see your girls boogie. It’s fun to see a group of campers, counselors, admin and even a few nurses all dancing together. And of course the slow dances always make me smile. Make sure you check out these fun pics!

We ended our day at camp fire with our age-outs leading us in songs and wrapping up our day with the story of the Samaritan woman. All the girls are getting sleepy and it’s a nice way to complete our day with Taps and then off to bed. I’m sure all the cabins will be quiet tonight as they dream about their lines in Mary Poppins or the horse they trotted on for the first time. I hope your day has been as fun as mine and your steps as many (19,356) but I seriously doubt it! :)

Sweet Dreams!

Frances Lindsey

Camp Mom