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Happy Friday to ya parents!! We had a little bit of everything up here on the mountain today. And by that, I mean EVERYTHING. The day started off nice and cool (relatively) and then as everyone was in 2nd period, mother Nature decided to give us a good ol’ fashioned frog strangler (you know, when it rains so much the frogs have to stand up on their tippy toes to keep their heads above all the standing water. The good news for us is that everyone went to their rainy day locations and kept on playing and having a good time and the deluge continued. Then as we got ready to start 3rd period, it stopped, the sun came out and for those of you at home that were worried that we might not be getting enough humidity this week, you can stop worrying. It came and the campers were seen swimming through the air from their 3rd period class to lunch. Now as bad as that seems, trust me, its not THAT bad up here on the mountain as what some of y’all down in the flat land have to endure. If you take a trip off the top of the mountain to the valley below, you can feel it suck the breath out of ya as soon as you get out of your car. Theres nothing like having your shirt stick to you as you walk out the door of your house in the morning!! (its a southern thing….)

This afternoon, the sun is still out but all the campers have adjusted (with a little help form all the water stations and a few “Gator-Aid” ones as well) and are back in their classes enjoying the day. A little rain this morning can’t stop them from getting their rides down the zip line or up on the circus. Even our horses are back to work up in the equestrian center making their trips around the rings and out on the trail.

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The rain didn’t stop our circus class from getting better today. They simply moved their classes inside the gym and worked on their “silk” routines, just like you see in the cirque du soleil. Be sure to check out their pics of their hard work and all the progress they’ve made this week. Those girls were doing some amazing things on the silks and making it look easy! (For those of y’all that have tried the silks at mother daughter weekend, you know its not easy!!)

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The rain didn’t bother the cooking classes (they even have air conditioning in their building!). They were busy making some homemade key lime pies and they looked delicious. I say they LOOKED delicious because I couldn’t find anyone that was willing to share a piece of their pie as they left class. They all came out enjoying the last little bits of what they had made and when I asked they just laughed and kept eating till it was gone. Of course there was one camper that just had to know what straight lime juice tasted like and all I can say is she found out the sum of all the ingredients is much better than tasting each ingredient by itself. If you haven’t seen those pics of that moment, be sure to check them out. Its like watching someone touch their tongue to a 9 volt battery to see if it has any charge left. (ok, I have to admit…. been there, done that….made the same face as the camper in the pic). #lifelessons

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Hopefully all the rain and humidity has come and gone and maybe, just maybe, it will make for a cool, low humidity night for our big dance with the boys of Camp Laney. As you might have picked up by now, I”m writing tonights blog a little early so I can have time to enjoy the dance with everyone so I’m gonna head out and wait till its finished so I can come back and tell ya all the details of the dance. So so long for now, Ill be back after the dance!

Ok folks, I’mmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaackkkk! What a great dance to end the summer on! Our dance theme for 4th session was “out of this world” and the dance lived up to its name trust me! Everyone was all decked out in space or alien outfits and cloths and those that didn’t have any space theme’d outfits (and who doesn’t??) didn’t have to worry. We had a camp mom that works with NASA send us loads of NASA stickers, posters, and everything to spice up the night. You have no idea how many campers form Skyline and Laney you made happy tonight with all the space swag! I even saw the director of Camp Laney walking out with a NASA sticker on him! I can’t think of a better day/night to have a space themed party and hand out NASA swag than the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11landing. Come to think of it, our dance lasted about the same length of time the men were on the surface of the moon. The boys form Laney came rolling around the corner on Old Yeller (the school buses), followed closely by the cloud of Axe Body spray they used to mask the scent of all the fun they’ve had today. It must have worked, cause it didn’t take long till everyone was dancing and having a great time. There was a small group of boys off to the side and you could see they were eggin’ one of they’re own to ask one of our campers for a dance. Of course at that age (or really any age…) were always nervous about asking someone to dance. Finally after many starts and stops of making his way over, the long boy mustered up the courage to pop the question and to his delight the girl happily said “yes” and they enjoyed the rest fo the song dancing. The thoughts in his head when he left the comfort of his buddies and ventured over to ask for the dance and heard her say “yes” was…. “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind….” (OK, its late and thats funny….I don’t care who ya are….) This honestly was the most energized dance we’ve had all session. Maybe the rain we had today helping cool down the temps had a little something to do with that? Maybe the “outta this world” theme with the extra swag? Whatever it was, it worked as they partied the whole time and the boys even stayed a little later than normal to enjoy an extra dance or tow audit was worth it!

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Finally, all good things must come to an end and this was true of our dance as well. All the boys hung their heads as they filed back onto their buses and headed back to Laney with who knows how many real and maybe some not real instagram names and twitter handles?? Anyway, no one was happy when it ended but it was time to head out.

Everyone is now back in their bunks and looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow. One sad activity we have tomorrow is Mini Camper closing. We sure are gonna miss all the little guys and we surly enjoyed the mini dance they performed for everyone before the dance started. Keep checking in Mini’s, and see how your club is doing throughout the rest of the session. If you’re picking up your mini camper tomorrow, please be sure to say hi at the front office when you stop in!

Now after a spirited evening like we had tonight, we’re gonna slow things down tomorrow night and let everyone get they’re legs back under them as we have movie night and everyone will come to the gym in their PJ’s and enjoy a movie in the cool night air (complete with their own bag of popcorn!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with details of the day and the info for what movie their watching. You guys have a great night and Ill see ya tomorrow.

Have a great night, I’m about to beam myself into bed!