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Howdy parents! Before I go any further let me correct a little mistake I made last night. Apparently I didn’t get enough coffee yesterday ‘cause when I was telling you all about what I though was tonights activity of “Candy Crush” I was completely wrong. (I thought I was wrong once years ago, but I was mistaken then too). Tonight’s activity is called “Get Skyline Back” and its nothing like Candy Crush. The good news is Candy Crush will be tomorrow nights activity so you guys are actually a full day ahead! (It may be the only time this summer I”m a day ahead). It just goes to show ya, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet! I’ll get more into the details of Get Skyline Back later on so just hang in there for little bit and I’ll get to it.

Now what REALLY happened today……. Fast, fun, fantastic activities all around camp. Your campers are all settled into the groove now and aren’t wasting any time getting busy in their activities. Its straight to the class and then the fun begins. The ladies in archery class are really getting good at grouping their arrows in the targets. Their hard work is paying off with their smiles every time they have a good round which is about every time. Some of you guys at home may be asking Santa for a new archery set when your camper gets back. (Hey, it is Christmas in July here at camp. It can be the same at your house too if ya wanna go ahead and get it!). Anyway, they’re enjoying their new found set of skills and it shows.

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It was another warm day and again, the waterfront seemed to be the highlight of the day. The pool was full of campers jumping, floating, racing and splashing around. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little bit jealous every time I walked past the pool and they were all in there cooling off.

Mountain biking has been making their rounds all over camp as well as the mountain. Those girls have been to the brow (its a heck of a view from there and well worth the trip, especially if you have fun swim scheduled after your mountain biking class!).

The air is full of campers as you walk out by the ropes course and circus area. I talked about circus last night and today it was the campers up on the ropes course that impressed me as they challenged themselves to try new things and stretched to reach their goals. Speaking of goals the campers in the caving/rapelling class are starting to reach their goals. We spent another day at the tower working our way up and down using only the rope and our gear. Its not an easy thing either, they’re having to learn how to traverse the edge once they get to the top and thats a whole ‘nother ballgame! They’re doing great and their hard work will pay off when we head out to the cliffs. We’ll have plenty of pictures so you guys can see how well their doing.

Now about that night time activity…..

So tonight was actually called “Get Skyline Back” and the campers LOVE it!. It starts off with a nice quiet dinner (not really, the girls sing/shout after every meal) when all of a sudden the Camp Laney counselors (not really, its just our counselors dressed up as the Laney counselors) come busting into the dining hall and take the club leaders, their club flag and their club boxes and kidnap them out into camp. Well, you and I both know your campers just aren’t gonna stand for that and they headed right out (not really, they had to finish their dessert first, you can’t have a rescue mission on an empty stomach).

So once these counselors took the club leaders and headed out into camp, all your campers had to do to get them back one simple task. Get 4 campers around the legs of the counselors without being hit by a stuffed sock the counselors had for their defense. Sounds easy, right?

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Well…. those counselors had hundreds of socks, but thats OK, we have hundreds of campers all running, diving and even working on 3 pronged attack techniques to get to the counselors legs without being hit by a sock. If they get hit by a sock they have to report to the scorers table so they can get back in the game. Of course they’re all decked out in club colors complete with facepaint and glitter to help them in their attack methods. At the end of the night and after a lot of running, sliding and diving at the legs, the results were………… (can you hear the little drum roll in our head?)……….Troopers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Rangers 1st!!!!! Way to go ladies great job to you and every camper that gave it their all to rescue their club leaders or flag!

Tomorrow will be another warm day of activities AND Candy crush for the nighttime activity. Just check out last nights blog if ya wanna get all the details about that, I heard it was back there.

Y’all have a great night and I’ll see ya tomorrow!!