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Happy hump day Wednesday to ya parents!! Can you believe its already the middle of the week? They say time flies when you’re having fun. It may be getting close to the end of the summer, but there are no dog days up here. Its full steam ahead in every class. As I was walking around camp this morning I made my way into the gym and started watching the campers in cheerleading work on their cheers and stunts. There was one particular young camper the counselors were working with on being lifted into the air with a full twist and ending up standing on the counselors hand, on one foot none the less. They were trying over and over, each time she was getting closer and closer before the counselors would get her and lower her down. I was really looking forward to seeing her accomplish her goal but was called away on the radio. Now thats a pretty good story about camper determination and keeping with it but its not the end of the story….. Of course as soon as I was walking out of the gym and down the steps, I heard everyone back in the gym shout out and start cheering as loud as they could. Yep…. you guessed it. As soon as my back was turned and I wasn’t looking guess who did you know what. I didn’t get to see it then, but I got a pretty good idea I’ll see it at showtime later in the session. One things for sure, I didn’t have to see the reaction she got from all the other campers and counselors, you could tell something special happened and there were some happy people celebrating a camper reaching a new goal. (I still wish I had seen it though…)

One big change today was in the weather, instead of it being a hot day, the coulds were already hanging overhead when everyone got out of bed. They never left, but they never let loose with rain either so we had a great cool and breezy day that all the campers enjoyed (I know I did). You could tell there was a little extra pep in their step out at the activities that ae in the sun all day. Horseback, circus, and even ropes course were all a little more active than normal with the cooler weather. hopefully it will be the same tomorrow, we certainly don’t mind not having a blue sky as long as the temps stay where they were today.

As I made my way through the day I stopped by the arts N crafts and Pottery classes. I can’t believe what those girls are making down there! (that’s a lot better than ‘I can’t recognize what they’re making down there!!’). There are some talented campers here this session (of course you already knew that if you read my blog last night about our talent night!!). Down in these classes they’re making some really cool looking bowls, ladles, cups and yes even a couple things I actually don’t recognize but the way they look when they get them out of the kiln is amazing. They’re learning some really great skills and who knows, maybe when your camper gets back home, you may have some that want to follow up on their talent?

Tonight all the campers came to dinner all dressed up in their club colors, complete with face paint and glitter (where they got so much glitter I have no idea, but with all the colorful club outfits these girls seem to have I know why their trunks were so heavy on opening day!!). As your campers were sitting quietly enjoying a nice peaceful dinner (not really, they ‘sing’ as loud as they possibly can after EVERY MEAL), and all of a sudden the boy counselors from Camp Laney (you know…. the ones with cooties) came busting in (not really, it was just our counselors dressed up as the boy counselors), started running around, singing their own songs (at the top of their voices) and took our beloved club leaders, their club flags and club boxes right out of the dining hall. Well now…. you know dang good and well these campers ain’t gonna stand for that and they formed up in their clubs and set out to rescue their leaders and club possessions (not really, they actually stayed there and finished desert first, you can’t form a rescue on an empty stomach, everyone knows that). As soon as they finished their deserts they actually did get in their clubs and head out to perform that rescue.

Now to save their leaders, flags and club boxes, all they had to do was decipher the clues they had to tell them where to head to find their captives and get 4 campers around the legs of the counselors and that counselor was out. As soon as they got all the counselors ‘out’ in that area their leader or flag was free and they would go back to their staging area and await the next clue that told them where to head to next. Easy right??? Well……. What i haven’t mentioned yet is the counselors were armed with stuffed socks and if they tagged a camper with a thrown sock, that camper was out and had to report back to the scorers table before they could get back in the hunt to free their leader. Now THATS a little twist that makes thing more complicated. The bottom line is when your campers got to an area where they needed to free their leader, they were running and throwing their bodies around and making every attempt they could to get to the counselors legs. Trying to describe this is as easy as herding wild cats on a hot tin roof. Hopefully when you see the pics, this attempt of a description will help explain when you see campers diving at the counselors legs and dodging socks (or I’ve completely confused you and in which case, theres nothing else I can do to explain, I’m not much help).

One things for sure though, the campers understand it and LOVE it. When its all said and over with, they come back to the starting point and wait for the announcement of which club is the winners (the ones that were the quickest in saving their leaders along with having the fewest campers hit by socks). You’d think they wouldn’t have any voices left after all the “singing” and yelling during the activity, but let me tell ya first hand, when they announce the winners, those girls have PLENTY of voice left in their throats! Its one of the loudest cheers you’ve ever heard and tonight the club that got to cheer the loudest by being the winner was the…………………………… MOUNTIES!!! Way to go Big Red!! All the girls gave it all they had, coming in wave after wave and even some of them trying the traditional 3 pronged attack to out flank the counselors but it was the Mounties that did it best!!

Now all the campers are at campfire (I’ll bet there are several that are already asleep) and after that it will be time for everyone to head off for a much deserved peaceful night of rest (at least thats what I’m hoping to do soon).

I can’t believe tomorrow will be Thursday already and we’ll have another full day of activities followed by tomorrow nights activity of “Candy Crush”. Its a little less action but still plenty of excitement and moving around, just no dodging socks so thats a plus. I’ll fill ya in on how its played tomorrow so be sure to come on back and visit us here tomorrow night. Y’all have a great night, like a slow kid in dodgeball……….I’m out!!!