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Howdy again parents, what an exciting day we’ve had up here today. All sorts of things have been going on. I guess one of the most important things is that the Mounties already found the Golden Horseshoe that was hidden in camp. It took ‘em less than a week and they shipped that sucker out. I think the clue all the campers got today at lunch was the give away. Their clue was “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” now to you and me that may not seem like much of a clue but that new class we have this summer I was telling you about a few nights ago, our caving, survival and rappelling class, well…… We built a new shed over the winter to house all the equipment and despite my best efforts to make everyone call it the Caving shed (or at least the “ManCave Shed”) have fallen to the wayside and all the campers and counselors have forced a new name upon it. “The She Shed”. (like the SF commercial….) Oh well, what am I gonna do, I’m constantly losing the battle up here to all the estrogen. The She Shed it is, I guess its stuck with that now.

Anyway, the horse shoe was apparently hidden somewhere close to my “she” shed and I didn’t even know it but the campers figured it out and congrats to them and the Mounties for finding it and claiming the points that travel with the horseshoe for their club. (I just wish they would re name the area where I have to keep all my gear…. gonna lose that wish too I bet)

It doesn’t take any time at all now before everyone is up and going in their classes. your campers have the drill down to a tee and their not waisting any time. One activity that didn’t waste any time at all was the fun swim class, those girls are in the water cooling off quicker than I can run from the car into the restaurant at an all you can eat buffet. Something about getting as many rides as possible down the waterslide. Still haven’t had the chance to ride it myself this year but theres still a few days left.

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Tonight everyone was all dressed up to play Candy Crush where they go around camp and find different counselors and have to perform crazy task for each set of counselors to get balloons with point totals inside. Its a really fun night and theres plenty of laughter all around camp as the campers do task after task for the counselors who are also dressed up in all sorts of crazy costumes. now I wonder if ya caught the way I worded that? Notice I said they were all dressed up to do that and never said they actually DID that?? Well…… it seems like Mother Nature wanted to see how quickly we could change our plans and if I know anything about camping and outdoor activities in the summer, you better be flexible and able to go with the flow at a moments notice and thats exactly what we did. It never really opened up and rained on us but the constant thunder in the distant was enough for us to change our plans and turn tonight into a giant gym party complete with dance lessons, a camp wide game of “Simon Says” (if you’ve never played with me being Simon, then you’ve never played, its a wild time. It so different that the counselors actually practice all year to try and beat Simon (and they’re gettin’ pretty close too) but I was able to narrow it down to just a couple remaining and finally got one to flinch without saying the Simon word before the instructions. Just imaging playing Simon Says with 200 people….. easy right? Just be flexible. After the intense contest, it was time for each cabin to take a few minutes and see how quickly they could come up with their own lip sync as we hosted an all cabin lip sync contest.

Now folks, I’ve been talking about how quickly those camper get from class to class all day, well that ain’t nothing compared to how quickly they all put their minds together and came up with some great routines for their cabins. They were so good that the judges decided to give each cabin an award. Some of the different awards that went out tonight for the great performances were; Drift wood- Most energy, Upstairs Riverside- most unique, Deweys Den- most dramatic. They were all great but several were just a little greater than the rest.

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Downstairs Riverside was 3rd for their rendition of Call me Maybe

Bar H was 2nd for their performance to Its Raining Men And the first place cabin was…….. BettleBum for their lip sync routine of Watch Me. I’m sure some of their routines will be in tonights video so be sure to check the out and see your camper.

tomorrow will be a little sad day here at camp, it will be the last day of classes for our Mini campers that are here for just one week. Beside them having “Mini trot Day up at the equestrian rings, tomorrow they’ll be hand painting a horse and having all sorts of relays like the whistle with a mouth of crackers on a horse relay and of course the walk while holding an egg balanced on a spoon relay (they’re actually riding horse while they doing that, the horse is walking….it’d be kinda hard to do that if they were trotting if ya think about it.)

The rest of camp will be back at their activities and getting ready for tomorrow nights BIG event. The camp dance with the boys from Camp Laney (the real ones this time, not our counselors dressed up as them). I don’t want to give the impression that our campers have been looking forward to the dne, but in the dining hall theres a giant white board and for the last 2 days, someone has been counting down the hours until Camp Laney arrives and everyone gets all excited and cheers each time they go up and change the number on the count down. I may feel sorry for those boys once they start to file off their buses. Good luck guys!!

Now you folks at home have nothing to worry about, we’ll be out there right in the middle of it all gettin’ all the pictures we can all night long. I just keep my fingers crossed they play some good music (you know…. from the 80’s and 90’s). I’ll let ya know tomorrow night.

Well, I hope you guys had a good night and day just like we did up here. Tomorrow is gonna be another big day and I’d better head off to check my eyelids for leaks if I want to have any chance at all at keeping up with your campers throughout the day. I think I may be coming down with something, its getting harder and harder to keep up with everyone and it used not to be like that 10 years ago…..yea, I bet I’m getting a cold, that has to be it, it certainly can’t be that AGE thing I keep hearing about, I thought I was immune to that one…

You guys have a good night, we’ll be back tomorrow and have details about the Mini Dance they’re gonna perform for everyone before the camp dance and everything else that happens throughout the day.

Y’all get some sleep, were almost half way there and still have a lot of excitement to go in the next week!!

We’ll see ya tomorrow,