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Welcome back parents to day 2!! If you guys have been half as busy as we have up here today, then we’ve been twice as busy as y’all…think about it. Actually, if you guys have been anywhere close to as busy as your campers were today I hope you’re reading this in the morning instead of staying up late to read it hot off the press. It was throttle to the firewall as everyone went to their activities today. They didn’t waste anytime before they were engaged in every activity I could see. The campers at archery went straight (as an arrow) to work, the campers in rifelry were right on target from the get go, and up oil the equestrian rings, they weren’t horsing around and got busy guiding their horses around the rings and doing a dang good job at it too!

Although it was a little warm and muggy ( for southern standards in July, it wasn’t THAT bad….) but the campers in fun swim found plenty of ways to cool off in Little River as they blobbed, played on the Lily Pads and of course didn’t waste anytime taking rides down the waterslide. It looks like they had a pretty good time too as all I saw were flashes of smiles as they came swooshing by on their mats before taking the plunge at the end of the slide into the water. Yes, it was tempting but I just didn’t have any time to take a dip in the water today but hopefully before the session is over I’ll be able to give ya a first hand account of what its like going down the slide. (keep your fingers crossed….. I am)

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Each session has their own theme, 4th session is VMA’s (Video Music Awards) and you’ll hear more about that later in the session but one theme that’s already stood out in this session is their attraction fo fireflies or lightening bugs (depends on how ya wanna to pronounce it). In the pictures last night there was a camper at Summerplace that had just caught a firefly and when she went to look at it in her hands she realized she might have clapped a little too hard. If you didn’t see the pic of he eyes at that moment its great. Fast forward to tonight, we had Sock Wars going on (more detail on that in a little bit) but all you need to know is there were socks flying everywhere. Girls screaming and chasing each other as they’re throwing their shoulders out by hurling socks at each other, yea, it was total chaos and then I spotted a camper that was oblivious to all that as she followed a firefly and was in pursuit of safely capturing him. I’m sure my description doesn’t do it any justice but the moment was awesome to see everyone else so busy with the activity and she could have cared less as she followed her goal as it lit up every now and then giving her a clue as to which way to pursue.

You can see the above paragraph play out on tonight’s video as I was helping out shooting Sock Wars tonight and then got to post it to the video. Its pretty easy to see I was doing the last part of the video tonight because I misspelled “heard” and just put “hear”on the video. Yep, its a typo, I got it, tired brain and fat fingers don’t play well in the sandbox with these little keys on my keyboard. Anyway, I’ve explained what I MEANT to say there so hopefully you’ll see it.

Now about Sock Wars…. Man what a battle we had tonight. After dinner all the campers got stuffed socks (don’t worry moms,we gave them the socks, they didn’t have to use their own) and headed out to their club’s area of camp to hide their flag. We rang the bell and all the campers took off, all they had to do was find the other clubs flag without being hit by a stuffed sock that was thrown from a camper in another club. “How do they know which club threw the sock at them” you ask, (I’m glad you did). That’s easy. These girls were decked out in their club colors from head to toe and I even saw a few that had the full body suits of their club so there was no doubt which club they were in. Once they got close to each other it was all out war as those socks were a flying at each other and if they got hit by a thrown sock, all they had to do was report back to the scorers table and they were right back in the game. It was an hour and half of yellin’, chasin’, throwin’ and non stop action all night long. I can tell ya for a fact that after how busy they were today in classes and then tonights wild times, they’re are all fast asleep already and dreaming about tomorrow.

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Once all the action was finished, it was time to announce the winner. (yea….. I forgot to let ya know on the video who won…sorry about that, but I’m about to tell ya now). At the end of the night the winners of Sock Wars 4th session were…….. The MOUNTIES!!! Awesome job ladies, you guys fought hard tonight protecting your flag and getting after the other clubs flags!!

Well, I know its late and I’m gonna head on out before I make any more mistakes on information I send to ya. You guys have a great night, theres still lots of action to come so be sure to pace yourself. you still have a long way to go of scanning all the pics and some of y’all are already lookin’ tired….

Have a good night!


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