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Let me introduce myself to you… I’m Frances Lindsey, the Camp Mom, and I have the pleasure to love on your girls all day. During the day I see them at different activities and in their cabins and at every meal. I even get to do pottery or cooking and if I’m really brave I will do the V-Swing. But mostly I just enjoy hanging out with all of your children and give out lots of hugs. So let me take you through a day at camp through a mom’s eye…

We begin our morning with my favorite gathering at Morning Watch where we start our day off with a wonderful devotional centered around our theme, IN GOOD COMPANY. Morning Watch is followed by the traditional Flag Raising and then off to breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and fruit. Delicious! (I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have 3 meals a day served to you and you didn’t have to plan the meal, cook the meal or clean up after the meal!) Your children are well fed and then ready to clean their cabin. It’s amazing to see them learn to make their bed, sweep, take out the trash and more. And they like doing it! It’s actually a competition to see who has the cleanest cabin.

Shortly after cabin cleanup the girls head to their club meetings, learn more songs and bond together with all ages. It’s really neat to see the older campers braiding the younger girl’s hair or leading the group in cheers. This is also a time to hunt for the Horseshoe that has been hidden around camp and worth several points for the club who finds it. At this point the Mounties have the points and have re-hidden the horseshoe for the Rangers and Troopers to try and find.

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As I walked around and visited the different activities, Horseback, Ropes, Circus, Dance, Bible Study and Fun Swim, I’m reminded of a few days ago where I was able to witness the good manners of so many campers. My mom and Skyline alumnae, Sarah Scruggs Estes, came to visit from Birmingham and I was able to show her around camp. All the girls sang to her our camp welcome song at lunch and continued to come up to her at Beli Deli and throughout the day introducing themselves. The girls in Dance (several being from Birmingham) showed off the incredible dance they have learned in just a few days and were so sweet to come up after and talk to her. One of the older campers even stopped on her way to activities, put her laundry down, shook her hand and said thank you for coming to visit. And later at campfire a few of the younger campers came to sit beside her. It warmed my heart to have all of your children show her the true Skyline spirit!

So back to today…it was trip day so many of the campers were either at the Ocoee white water rafting or off campus Caving. So camp was quieter than usual but this gave the girls on campus the opportunity to take advantage of the smaller class size. It’s really amazing to see your girls encouraging each other and being brave and trying things they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise. You should be very proud of them!

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After everyone returned to camp we began our nighttime activity, Speed Challenge. This is such a fun activity on the Riverside field where the clubs compete and are all decked out in their club colors. Check out the pictures of your daughters in these hilarious events. Final results are Rangers 1st, Mounties 2nd and Troopers 3rd.

I hope you all had as much fun as your girls did today! We are getting some rain tonight so it’s off to bed a little earlier than usual and very much appreciated after such a busy day.

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight!