Happy Sunday to ya parents! Hop you guys at home had a restful weekend. We thought about it and then said…..”Nah, lets keep going full speed!!” Although we haven’t slowed down much today it was a restful and peaceful day up here on the mountain. Everyone got to speed in a little later (I know I…….um, I mean THE CAMPERS really appreciated that!!) and then it was off to breakfast of this wonderful homemade doughnuts and fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, biscuits (you wish you were still up here yet??) and more.

After a full breakfast it was time to head back to the cabins and do a little cabin clean up (yes, moms they do that every day and they’re really good at it……most of them….) before everyone headed off to Sunday School and then our camp church service.

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We had a special treat for everyone today as we had our special guest from Nashville and Chattanooga, the musical group Drakeford and DJ & Marv. If you’re from the Chatt or Nashvegas area and haven’t seen them before, you need to search ‘em out and go listen. They are a great group of musicians and singers and even better people. They sang songs and talked about relationships with God and the girls really got into their message. It was really great to se all the different avenues of music styles they used to sing the message they delivered today. We had everything from gospel, rap, and even a Jamaican sound to one song. They also debuted one of their new songs to our campers for the very first time! If you’re in the areas I mentioned be sure to go see them (wear a Skyline shirt, I bet they’ll recognize it and come see you)

After church it was time for lunch and then out for the biggest carnival on the mountain. we had all sorts of giant inflatable slides (into water of course), a dunk tank, giant Jenga, face painting, corn hole, and even sno cone trucks here handing them out as fast as they could. The ladies in Riverside and Summerplace, had the option of attending the carnival or spending the day on the riverfront toys or in the pool. I really don’t think there was a bad choice in the options. Everyone was smiling at the end of the day and looked tired.

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After our picnic on the ground for dinner, it was time for counselor hunt where our counselors put on their best Mossy Oak and do their best to keep from being found by all your campers. Your campers gave it everything thay had. all teamed up and with headlamps, flashlights and anything else they could get to help look under every roock, bush, in each trashcan (yep…. there were several counselors found hiding in the trash cans) and everywhere else they could think of. After all the searching and discovering was finished I’m happy to let ya know that the Terrific TROOPERS were the champions of this sessions hunt! Way to go girls, your efforts paid off tonight!

Everyone has already gone to campfire and is now fast asleep (well…… almost everyone, I ain’t far behind, trust me!) and getting ready to start their second week of camp. I can’t believe its here already but it is. To kick off the second week, we’ve got a big day planned (of course). There will be a big group of campers that will head out first thing in the morning to head up to Tennessee to spend all day in the sun challenging the white water of the Ocoee River. As soon as they get out of camp, our caving and rappelling class will head out to Howards Waterfall Cave in Trenton Ga and spend the day underground (where its a constant 57 degrees!!) enjoying some things very few people have every seen. The cave were in is an SCCi cave and is protected to entry unless you have a permit. Not only do we have a permit, but we have Christine Walkey from SCCi that is going to meet us there and show us some parts of the cave that are locked up and blocked off to the public that contain ancient Cherokee writings. We’ll have cameras on both trips so you guys won’t miss anything.

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Now with some of us out of camp + fewer people in camp = more time for those at camp to take advantage of all the activities. More shooting in archery and rifelry, more zip line rides in ropes course, more food to eat in the cooking class, you get the idea, everyone loves trip day here at camp.

I think its time to try and catch some serious ZZZZZ’s if I’m gonna have any chance at all keeping up with the campers in the cave tomorrow. You guys are half way there so keep up the good work on checking all the pics (using Waldo doesn’t count, you gotta see all the pics, not just the ones that are sent to your phone for ya) and watching the daily video that goes up. I hope you had a great weekend and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow night!

Now its time to go to bed, don’t make me tell you again…..