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Well terrific Tuesday to ya parents! Its been rather warm up here today but the campers (and everyone else) has been hitting the water fountains, gator aide at Beli Deli and Nalgene bottles pretty regularly to stay hydrated. I know I’ve gone through several of them today. Even though its been a little warmer than the last few days that hasn’t stopped the campers from getting all they can out of their activities.

Our campers in musical theatre have already started working on their production of Mary Poppins long with our class of ‘set design’ who’s been working putting the backdrops and costumes together. Its a great joint project that both sets of campers are proud of when the performance is finished at the end of the session. Not to mention, both classes are in an air-conditioned or shaded area to work on all session. Now THAT’S some smart campers!!

With the extra heat the waterfront has made a big splash for everyone as a perfect way to cool off during the day. The campers are all over the pool and riverfront and to be honest, I don’t think they even realize how warm it is when they’re enjoying the water. Maybe I need to start spending a little more time with them in those classes! When you look through all of todays pictures you’ll see what I mean.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their job in the shade or water. Take circus for example, when I stopped by to check on the girls out in the that class I couldn’t believe what they were accomplishing already. They’re swingin’ on the trapeze and the Mexican cloud swing like they’ve been doing it for years instead of a day or two. They’re jumping off and catching with their knees, heels and toes in ways that even PT Barnum would have been in awe.

During the day you can hear the sound of our girls at rifelry class making progress with their shooting skills. Although for some of them it may still be a “non contact” sport, theres still a long way to go in the session and they’re getting better by the day. Some of you parents may have some extra partners this hunting season, don’t be surprised if they can out shoot ya by the time they leave camp!

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Our theme this summer is “In Good Company” and I can assure you, your campers are in exactly that. Their’s all sorts of new friends made at camp and every time theres a chance you see campers getting together and hanging out and encouraging one another no matter what activity they’re in. It’s always a joy to see the campers eyes light up with the “OH!! I understand now” look whether its in pottery, archery, horseback or whatever the activity is. Their counselors are enjoying seeing those looks too as they teach them all the new activities they’re learning. I get to see several of those looks everyday in the class I teach, CSR (Caving, Survival and Repelling) as I’m pretty sure each day we’re learning new techniques its a first to all the campers in my class. Today was our first day of climbing up rope to the top of the tower and then repelling down the other side. I see LOTS of wide eyed campers, but then again, when you’re hanging from a rope 30 feet in the air, it tends to help you focus on what to do to make sure you do it right! Know what I mean? We’ll be on the tower for a few more days before we head out to our first trip to do some real cliff work over in Georgia. I’ll let ya know how it goes (the pictures and looks on their faces will speak for themselves!)

After a warm day of activities it’ll be nice to have a cool, slow evening in the gym and enjoy all the campers performing in the talent show. I heard them practicing during rest hour and they sounded pretty good already, I can’t wait till tonight to see the real deal.

Well, Its dinner time so I’m gonna go grab some chow and secure my seat up from for tonights big show. I’ll be back in a little bit with all the details of what they did and I know you’ll want to hear about it so I’ll see ya in a little bit!

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OK folks, I’m back and what a show it was!! We had everything from singing, piano playing, dancing, gymnastics and even a poem recital (that may be a first for me to see!!) It was a great night and I can tell ya, everyone in the gym enjoyed what they saw or heard and they didn’t mind taking a night to slow down and get their “camp legs” back under them!. After it was all finished, I’m not sure how the judges decided on a winner but they did and here are their official results:

3rd- Pickett Brittan & Martha Armstrong

2nd- Maddie Hazelrig

1st- Nancy Lee Sanders

and for the first time I can remember we had a tie for the overall winner (I told you I didn’t know how they came up with the winners! It was tough!)

Overall winners- Jane Hancock and MK Wallace!!

Way to go girls you guys and everyone that participated tonight did an amazing job!!

Tomorrow will be another full day of activities and I’m sure theres gonna be lots of pictures for everyone to see. Tomorrow night’s activity is called “Candy Crush”. This is where the campers will go around in their cabin groups to counselors that will be all over camp and the campers will have to group to the counselors and perform task to get balloons that contain points. If they can complete the task they get the balloon, but they have to be careful, some of the counselors have balloons that contain negative points and some of the counselors can take the balloons away if they can’t complete the crazy task thats asked of the group. If you’re confused, don’t worry, you’re in good company (just like our summer theme!) but hopefully the pictures will help explain everything better than my attempt.

Well, I can tell some of you guys are looking a little tired, either you are staying up late to read these post as soon as they come out or you’re an early morning person and maybe you haven’t had that 3rd cup of coffee yet.

Hopefully the new Waldo photos are making it a little easier for you to find your camper in all the photos. They’re posting around 400 a day and I know theres a lot to go through.

Y’all have a great night, I’ll see ya tomorrow


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