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Howdy parents, we had another great day up on the mountain today. All the campers have made the adjustment to camp life and they aren’t missing a step. I went out to see our mountain biking class this morning and they were there just long enough to take roll, go over where their journey was to today and then they we’re off. I’m pretty sure they had a trip to the Alpaca farm to meet some friendly fury four legged creatures.

You can see from the pics, all the campers are enjoying the waterfront and especially the blob. That seems to be the favorite way for everyone to cool off this session, of course there really isn’t a bad way to get into the river if you’re hot enough.

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One of our new classes at camp this year is our CSR (Caving, Survival, Rappelling) class. The campers in it are learning how to rappel down as well as climb back up the rope they just came down on. Its a nice skill to have and they are doing a great job and pushing themselves through all the hard work. We’ll make several trips out of camp this session where they can put their new found skills to the test. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on their progress as we go through the week but they are doing great so far and getting better every day.

Now after all the action of the first 2 days of camp, we decided to give everyone a little break tonight and let ‘em get their legs back under them with some entertaining down time for tonights activity. Now I know theres several shows on TV that have all sorts of “talent” in their title on on their show but tonight we had the best talent right here on stage in front of all the campers and they didn’t disappoint either!

Everyone was treated to some spectacular displays of piano playing, dancing, ukulele and guitar playing singing, tumbling and gymnastics, ventriloquism and even for the first time I can remember, glow in the dark gymnastics to the theme from Sponge Bob Squarepants! It was amazing and there were more ‘standing O’s’ than I would count. Thats how good this sessions show was!!

Now there was no need for that Simon guy to be here as a judge, we had our own panel of judges that had a tough task of deciding who the winners were, (to be honest with ya, anyone that has the courage to get up in front of the whole camp and perform like they did is already a winner in my book). I’m not sure how all our judges did it, ‘cause they had one heck of a hard time coming up with those choices. After it was all finished and much deliberation the final results were…………. (can you hear that little drum roll in your head yet?)………………..

Groups 1,2,3&4:

3rd place: Mary Hayes and Stella Pruitt

2nd place: May May Williams

1st place: Meredith Word

Groups 5&6:

3rd place: Gracie Vanderlinde

2nd place: Kate Franklin

1st place: Addison Freeman

and the overall winners were……..

Groups 1,2,3&4: Madison Mueller

Groups 5&6: Sarah Coleman Hornsby

Congrats to all the girls that performed tonight, they all did an incredible job and they should be proud (you should be too!!)

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