Well Howdy parents and welcome back to tonights blog. Its been another warm day up here on the mountain but your campers didn’t let that stop them from getting in all the action they could. They know tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day of classes (can you believe that already??) so they aren’t missing a chance to get in as much fun as they can. I was walking across the river today and got to watch several counselors talk one of the younger campers into having the courage to make the lead from the ladder to the blob. It was a great moment when she realized she could actually make the jump but it took several count downs of “1, 2, bottom on blue” before she actually left and landed her bottom squarely on the blue section of the blob and launched her friend off then other end of the blob. It may have taken her a while to concur her fears but it was all worth it when it was said and done.

Like I said, tomorrow will be the last day of activities (how did we get here already? It seems like it was only yesterday when we first started having our late night chats…) They say time flies when you’re having fun and it has surely flown by these past 2 weeks I can’t believe were already in the last week of camp.

Although today was a great day (other than being a little warm) everyone has been busy. From mountain biking to canoeing they haven’t missed a beat. Speaking of canoeing, the ladies in advanced canoeing took their own out of camp trip early this morning and made their way all the way down to Desoto Falls! They not only made the journey down there and back, they brought their breakfast with them and had a nice relaxing meal while overlooking the falls. Not a bad way to start the morning if you ask me!

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The only thing that could make the day better was if your club found the golden horseshoe today and if you’re a Mountie, then your day just got better. Thats right, the Mounties found the golden Horseshoe and all the points that go with it. I herd several of them talking during my class today and they said they had deciphered the clues and had a pretty good idea where it may be hidden. I guess they were right! Way to go girls!!

Today was also a special day as it was spirit day and twin day. Campers got to dress up with all their club spirit and then find another camper that looked like them and go as their twin. I know theres several pics today that show “twins” all decked out the same AND wearing their club spirit!

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Getting dressed in their club spirit was just the beginning today. All that spirit carried over to tonights activity of Speed Challenge. I gave you some details last night and apparently Mother Nature had other plans because right when we were about to start, she rumbled us with some thunder so all the races were moved into the gym. Thank goodness she held off on the rain until after everything was finished and everyone was safely back in their cabins. If you like sleeping to the sound if rain, then you’re in luck tonight, tonight we got plenty of it (rain, not sleep…..yet). Its been raining so hard, its what we call a good ole fashioned frog strangler (you know, when it rains so much the frogs are up on their tippy toes trying to keep their heads above the water). The good news is it just quit and now everything is nice, quiet, and COOL!! Oh yea, I almost forgot, the winners of tonights Speed challenge was…….. the Troopers! Great job ladies of representing the green!!

Tomorrow will be the last day of activities and the campers in horseback will be doing all sorts of races, like whistling with a cracker in your mouth, holding an egg in a spoon relay and more. Its also the last time everyone will get their last rides on the zip line and circus and for the ladies in archery and rifelry their last chance to get that perfect bulls eye.

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Tomorrow night we’ll have our cabaret where our musical theatre class will entertain the rest of camp with their performance of Mary Poppins. They’ve been working really hard every day and even during their rest hour to make sure they have all their lines and positions just right for the big show. Along with them being “under the gun” fortune and perfection, our campers in Set Design will be putting the finishing touches on all the props thieve been building the whole session to help the performance look just right!

Well, the rain has stopped, my mind of what to say has stopped and my eyes are running a close second to both of them at the moment. I’m gonna head off and try to catch the last little e bit of rain hitting the roof to help me get to sleep (like I really need the help this time of the summer…..). You guys enjoy the video and all the pics, theres some great ones up today so even if your using the Waldo App to have your campers pics sent to your phone, be sure to click the “SEE ALL” button and look through all the other pics and see what your campers have been up to.

Like a slow kid in dodgeball…….. I’m out!