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Terrific Tuesday to ya parents! When I say it was terrific Tuesday, I ain’t kidding!! To star things off, we had a guest chef in our cooking classes today. Kevin Dillmon, dad of one of our campers, a former camper and a current counselor’s dad who happens to own Honeymoon Bakery in Rome, Ga stopped by and spent the day showing our campers in class how to make hand made pici pasta and homemade sauce. The girls loved havin’ him there showing ‘em how to make everything just right and just right it was. I actually did make it over to the class first period and they saved me some pasta to try and it was delicious. They only saved me 1 piece of pasta but it WAS delicious. If your camper is in cooking class, you are gonna have one heck of a good meal when they get home and show ya everything they learned this session. If you’re a fan of the Food Network, you might recognize Kevin’s name, he was one of the guest chefs on the Spring Bake Off this past winter on that network. (#teamdad). We were very fortunate to have him share some of his skills with the campers today and you really need to get them to show ya what they learned when they get home…trust me!!

Besides having Kevin here today, it was also twin Tuesday where the campers teamed up and found another camper or counselor that looked like them and they dressed up the same. You thought you were seeing double all day long when you looked around at Beli Deli or one of the meals and you see 2 of the same standing together.

As if that isn’t enough we also had an incredible day of weather. We had some rain last night and by this morning, it had passed by and when it left it took all the heat and humidity with it! The day started off with overcast clouds and a constant cool breeze and by lunch time, the clouds had moved on and left the sun shinning with the cool temps. We even had counselors and campers wearing sweatshirts all day long. That may be the first time, I’ve seen that happen in the month of July! No one was complaining to say the least. The cool weather brought a smile and an extra pep in their step to all the campers as well as the staff. Hopefully the weather will stay the same the rest of the session.

Now tonight was a really special night as all the cabins got to see the final results of all their hard work on their VMA’s (Video Music Awards) this session. They’ve been working on their videos in all their spare time (and if you’ve been reading everything they’ve been up to each day, you know there ain’t that much spare time!) and tonight they got to see the finished project. Each cabin put together their own video and when they came into the gym for tonights activity, they were dressed in their favorite costume or character. As they came up the red carpet of the steps of the gym they were treated by our host interviewing them with questions of who they were or what they were wearing. Each camper got the royal treatment and then proceeded across the gym to the photo area for their special photo op moment.

Now all the cabins did a great job with their videos and I’m not sure how many of them we’ll be able to get up on youtube but we’ll try. Some of the award winners tonight were:

Best Dressed- Brookwood

Most Active- Driftwood

Best Mash Up- Rosey Den

Best Use of Receipts- Summerplace

Best Western- Joywood

Best Choreography- Dewey’s Den

Most Loved Video- Bevshack

Runner Up- Edmae

and the Video of the Year went to-…………… Riverside!

Of course we had several commercials too that were put together by various groups around camp and several guest presenters including the cast of Peter Pan that closely resembled our nurses and admin staff. If you look through the pics close enough you might be able to see we even had a drop in by “Little Sweet” the Diet Dr Pepper guy!

Tomorrow will be a fast paced day as it is the last day of classes for everyone. The campers in horseback will all be competing in their horse shows and the winners will get the opportunity to compete in the Grand Championship on Thursday to claim the Horse Show cup for their club.

Due to some weather earlier this week our caving and rappelling class will also be taking their out of camp trip to do some rappelling over on some cliffs on the Georgia side of the mountain. on Thursday they’ll skip out at lunch and head over to the West Side of the brow and take their last trip pn some beautiful cliffs where you can see Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia all at the same time. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

Well, it’s been a SWEET time writing todays blog but its time to do what the campers are all doing now and catch some shut eye. You guys go on to bed and Ill catch ya tomorrow.

Have a good night, you’ve almost made it!