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Our Hut Row Head Counselors this past summer, Brooke and Natalie!

This Takeover Tuesday Natalie, the tennis top dog, took over our Instagram! Natalie was one of our Hut Row Head Counselors this past summer, a counselor for 3 summers, and a camper for 7. She is currently a junior at the University of Mississippi. Keep reading to find out what some of her favorite things are at Camp Skyline!

What’s your favorite activity and why?

My favorite activity is Tennis. I loved playing Tennis throughout Highschool and was fortunate enough to be the Head of Tennis for the last three years. Tennis allowed me to get to know every age group of campers, from minis to Riverside it was so cool to teach girls how to play a sport. You could always catch me on the tennis courts during beli deli playing or teaching someone. Circus is a close second though.

If you had to choose one camp song to sing for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I had to pick one song to sing for the rest of my life I would pick a song from campfire. I would choose Prince of Peace it was always my favorite song and I love the split, where half of us would sing characteristics of Jesus. It always reminded me that he is more than just one thing. He is a Prince of Peace, the Great I Am, Redeemer, and a Friend. I think it is a good reminder that our God is anything we need him to be when it is needed. He is our father, our protector, and can be our friend, and that is so cool.

What is one of your favorite camp memories? Every summer we try to introduce or revamp nighttime activities, which as counselors we always get into. Two summers ago we introduced Candy Crush, where counselors were allowed to dress up in costumes and prevent the campers from gaining candy. The first night of candy crush I dressed as a chicken and had an absolute blast. It was so much fun and I felt like a camper again. Candy Crush continued to grow and develop over the summer and is always my favorite night time activity.

If you could eat one camp meal right now what would it be?

Chicken Surprise, it is my favorite camp meal. I would get so happy walking into the dining hall and seeing it on the tables. I would love some Chicken Surprise right now.

And finally what is one thing you can’t live without at camp?

My Bible. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. As a counselor, it is important to be in the word and filling ourselves with the spirit so that we can demonstrate a positive example to our fellow counselors and campers. I always loved at night telling my campers about stories from the Bible. Some nights we would take turns reading a passage and other nights we would act it out. Every now and then, I would have camper ask for a specific verse or a question, that I needed my Bible to find. Also having a flashlight is a good accessory. While my co-counselors and I would tell a story or act out one, our campers would shine their flashlights on us and we could be seen prancing around the cabin. Having a Bible and flashlight are necessary for camp.