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Ahhhh, love is in the air. The stores are decorated with reds and pinks, colored hearts line classroom walls, and most importantly, the good chocolate is back on the shelves. All pointing to the fact that Valentine’s Day is upon us! This is a time to show the ones we care for how much we love them. In honor of Valentine’s day, I want to talk about the great love that I have for camp. Here are a few of the little things I love about Skyline that make it so fun!

  1. When campers and counselors sing the wrong lyrics to camp songs #MisheardLyrics
  2. Losing my voice at speed challenge
  3. Getting to dress up in the dinosaur costume for the Fourth of July parade
  4. Getting blobbed by Ivy
  5. The fireworks that Larry and Mr. Adam put on
  6. Getting and making new camp nicknames
  7. When campers bring the admin table their extra rice crispies (blessings come down)
  8. Praying at night with campers
  9. Singing in Counselor Choir for church on Sundays
  10. Sunday Doughnuts!!!!!
  11. Celebrating Christmas and the birth of Jesus twice a year (shoutout Christmas in July)
  12. Watching campers run to their parents on closing day (though it also breaks my heart)
  13. Playing friendly and un-harmful pranks on fellow counselors
  14. Stopping by T-shirt Corral to get a lollipop from Aunt Syl
  15. Getting hugs from Ms. Frances the camp mom
  16. Watching campers at the dance slow dance to upbeat songs like “Lip Gloss”
  17. Going down the coolest waterslide
  18. Watching and hearing counselors share their love for God with their campers

Sitting here writing all these things down makes me miss the summertime so much. We’re here counting down the days till camp starts and is full of campers again. Only 127 days left! Who’s ready?!