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Over my 8 years as Daytime Program Director I have enjoyed all of the different activities at camp from Archery to Pottery to Cooking. At camp we offer over 25 activities and, while they’re all fun, everyone has a favorite activity, even me! Listed below are my top 3 favorite activities we offer here at camp.

Gymnastics/Cheerleading is my absolute favorite activity at camp, I was actually the head of this activity when I was a counselor back in 2013. I have taught gymnastics since I was 15 and I was a cheerleader in high school and college. I love teaching gymnastics and helping a young girls learn new skills. I, especially, love that at camp they have two weeks to work on and learn new skills that they then share with the entire camp on the last day at Show Time. The campers in gymnastics work hard, some come in not even knowing how to do a forward roll and by the end of the two weeks they can do a roll and so much more! Most days during camp you can find me in the Gym especially during Advanced Gymnastics class.

Who doesn’t love Fun Swim class? It’s so nice to take a dip in the pool or cool off by jumping into Little River on a hot summer day. I have always loved being around or in the water since I was little, I think I was 3 when I learned how to swim. I continue to be around the water here at camp. I help train our lifeguards and facilitate our in-service training before each session. Some of the admin even enjoy getting some laps in during Rest Hour each day during the summer, as well. It’s no surprise that Fun Swim class is so much fun to be a part of especially during Mini Swim and 6th period, there’s always lots of action on the waterfront.

Ropes Course is an exhilarating activity at camp and a top priority for almost everyone’s activity schedule. If it’s not for the actual activity itself, it’s definitely for the awesome guy who runs the Ropes Course, Pickle. A cool aspect of our Ropes Course is that as campers grow older they have the opportunity to tackle new elements. And this summer everyone will be able to try out our brand new V-Swing that has three new elements before swinging down. Each day on the Ropes Course there are girls facing their fear of heights and trying things for the first time. Whether they’re climbing to the top of the Pamper Pole and jumping for the trapeze bar or zipping by on the zip-line, the Ropes Course is a great activity for girls to grow in confidence while having fun!

I can’t wait for camp to be filled with the sounds of campers enjoying all of their favorite activities this summer!

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