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On November 10th we celebrated National Camp T-Shirt Day which, to be honest, is a bit like any other day here in the office! A Skyline T-shirt is the unofficial uniform for us here at camp during the school year. We love seeing girls repping their Skyline T’s throughout the year, too. It’s a great way to meet fellow Skyline gals and alumnae! I’ll never forget, once, when I wore a Skyline T in my hometown in Florida. A woman excitedly approached me and told me that she had gone to Skyline, too. We immediately started talking about what clubs we were in and what cabins we had each been in! I had always grown up thinking I was the only Skyliner in Panama City(besides my sweet Mother), so making that connection brought a little bit of the camp magic back to Florida. You never know what the day might bring you when you don your Skyline T-shirt!