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Merry almost Christmas!!! My favorite holiday for so many reasons! Obvioousslllyyyyy, the whole reason for the season is the birth of Jesus!!! Christmas is a great holiday to be merry and celebrate Jesus. I love dedicating the whole month of December to celebrating!

But not only do we celebrate in December, we also celebrate Christmas in July during 3rd session at camp! I have been a Skyline camper since 2005, I started as a mini camper! Ever since I’ve been a two-week camper, I’ve come to 3rd session. As a camper, I loved Christmas in July and even now I love it just as much(maybe more)!

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The whole first week of 3rd session, each camper and counselor has a Secret Santa that gives them little gifts or sweet notes throughout the week. Christmas Eve is Saturday night at camp and we have Santa’s workshop and then we wake up Sunday to “snow!!!” Our oldest campers, the ageouts, throw toilet paper all over camp Saturday night. A tradition that I loved participating in as a camper. We have so much fun rolling camp! After reveling in all of the “snow” everyone comes outside of their cabin to watch counselors ride by on horses. Santa even makes an appearance on a horse, too! After, we go straight to the gym and finally find out who our Secret Santas are! Then we celebrate the real reason for the season, even in July!! Saralee, our chaplain, reads the Christmas story to everyone. A little later in the day we have a longer message in church where we, also, sing Christmas hymns. And, of course what’s Christmas without dessert?! Our amazing kitchen staff makes a HUGE Christmas cake donned with a festive design.

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Another one of my favorite Christmas in July traditions is wearing my two-headed Christmas sweater that I’ve had since my first summer as a counselor!! Not only have I worn it around camp on Christmas morning, I’ve also worn it to the dance, cooking, and many more places around camp!

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I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas in December in a few weeks and Christmas in July in a few months!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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