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I have been in Mentone almost every summer since I was 6 years old and I still can’t get over how truly beautiful it is up here. Mentone has been my “home away from home” till just a year ago when my husband and I decided to live here full time and bought the Little River Hardware store.

When I was 6 years old I was a Skyline camper and continued to be one until I was 15. Then my girls, Sarah Grace and Libby, were campers. Every summer when I dropped them off I would ask Sally if I could stay. I LOVE CAMP! Eventually the girls became counselors and I became Camp Mom. Yay!!!

So we have now lived here a full year and I’ve been able to see Mentone in all it’s seasons. Since I had only been here for summers I didn’t have any idea how beautiful it is all year around and not just at Skyline. And the people in our little city are amazing, hard working, generous folks.

The trails are endless and look different in fall, winter, spring and summer so they never get old. And the history is rich! Did you know DeSota Falls (right down the street) is named for the Spanish explorer Hernando deSoto, from 1540?! Overtime the falls have carved out their own small cannon and it’s absolutely stunning.

There are several shops in the area selling local artists items from pottery to fire tools and paintings to glass blown vases. Sally even sells her homemade ice cream at the LRH! And the restaurants are delicious with a variety of foods to fit anyone’s taste.

So when you drop your child off at camp, stay a while. There are multiple cabin rentals with Airbnb and Vrbo. Hit the trails, visit our little city and eat at our local restaurants. And especially come back in the fall when the colors of the trees are breathtaking… You might decide to move here too!