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The Christmas season makes everyone so happy and spreading Christmas cheer is an easy thing to do. This year would be a perfect time to spread the cheer to all around. Here are 10 fun ways to safely spread the Christmas cheer during this holiday season:

  1. Bake Christmas cookies for friends or neighbors.
  2. Watch a Christmas movie.
  3. Decorate the house.
  4. Donate toys or buy Christmas for a child in need.
  5. Smile and wish people a “Merry Christmas”
  6. Learn the meaning of Christmas and share it with someone.
  7. Spend time with your family.
  8. Be kind to someone.
  9. Give a gift that keeps on giving.
  10. “The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer, is Singing Loud for All to Hear.”

I hope you are able to do at least one of these things this Christmas season!