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Good Morning, Skyline Cuties! Today is Takeover Tuesday and I am the Takeover! My name is Allene Arnold and I am the Secretary of the Skyline Foundation. For those of you who apply for scholarships, I am the face behind those emails! What you may not know is that the Skyline Foundation is made up of wonderful ladies who come together two times a year during the Mother/Daughter weekends to develop strategies to bring more girls to camp each year! We volunteer our time because we believe that Skyline is the perfect place to bring you closer to God, learn new skills, gain confidence and build relationships. Our goal is to send as many girls as possible to camp! About Me! I live in Birmingham, AL where I work as a freelance Food Stylist and Recipe Developer. I also recently completed a certification to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, where I help clients to heal their bodies through food and to feel their best.

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If you came to 2nd or 3rd session this year you may have seen me as the Guest Chef during the cooking classes. Depending on what session we made chicken and waffles or fresh pasta and meatballs. My relationship to camp: I was a camper in 1989-1996. There is one picture of my last year at camp with some of my faves. I was also a counselor during college (another photo from one of those years) with some camp besties and then I was an Assistant Director in 2002-2003. I have been on the Skyline Foundation Board since 2005. My mom was a camper in 1956, 1960-1963 and my grandmother was a counselor in 1956; she currently lives in Mentone and loves it. She was a camper at DeSoto before Skyline even existed and followed Eloise Temple, our founder, to Skyline as a counselor. She turns 91 tomorrow!

Check out how Allene spent her Tuesday on Camp’s Instagram! For more information about the Skyline Foundation check out their website.

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